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News — SprintIR

Carbon Dioxide Sensor to be Optimized for Medical Capnography Applications

Gas Sensing Solutions Ltd (GSSL) in conjunction with project partners Wide Blue Ltd (WBL) (project leader) and Cambridge Respiratory Innovations Ltd (CRIL) have secured a Technology Strategy Board (TSB) Collaborative Research & Development Project from the recent Photonics in Healthcare call. The project is valued at £748,000 UK. This project aims to develop a low cost respiration rate monitor & capnometer, based on GSSL patented non-dispersive infrared fast response infrared sensor, sensing exhaled Carbon Dioxide and to trial demonstrators in various clinical settings. Respiration rate and exhaled carbon dioxide (CO2) concentrations are known to be key measures in the evaluation...

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Why is the Capnographic Waveform on a SprintIR Different from Other CO2 Sensors?

We received a question about our high-speed SprintIR CO2 sensor from a client via email: "We want the sensor to work in a system for monitoring the concentration of human exhaled carbon dioxide. So we've checked the document "Capnographic Testing of GSS SprintIR CO2 Sensor" and we've noted that the waveform provided by the sensor in that case is close to a sine wave. In other hand, the capnogram from mechanical ventilators looks like a square wave. Do you have any idea about why this difference happens?" Our engineers answered as follows: "The difference in wave form that you see...

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Response time of Biological Applications using GSS COZIR Wide Range 100% CO2 Sensor

The GSS COZIR Wide Range 100% CO2 sensor is ideal for biological applications like capnography as used for calculation of metabolic rate requiring a rapid response time measuring carbon dioxide. This note describes the set up of the sensor, along with an example of how the sensor can be used in biological applications to measure carbon dioxide levels over time. A Matlab function is provided for this application. Click here to download a PDF file with instructions and source code.

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Fastest CO2 Sensor in the World Measures CO2 in Breath 20 Times a Second

Testing by CO2Meter.com confirms that the SprintIR Carbon Dioxide Sensor by Gas Sensing Solutions Ltd (GSS) in the UK is the fastest carbon dioxide sensor in the world. Using a 20% CO2 version of the SprintIR sensor, a vacuum pump and graphing software, our engineers recorded 20 carbon dioxide level readings per second during normal human respiration. As the largest distributor of GSS sensors in the US, we felt it was important to test GSS's performance claims. “The SprintIR CO2 sensor opens up a whole new level of precision in the fields of capnography, closed circuit scuba diving, mammalian respiration,...

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Gas Sensing Solutions Secures R&D Funding for Advanced IAQ Sensors

Feasibility of flexible plastic organic photovoltaics as an energy harvesting source for powering wireless sensors in building control and horticulture applications Gas Sensing Solutions Ltd, in conjunction with project partners Solar Press Ltd and Seamless Sensing Ltd, have secured a UK Government Technology Strategy Board (TSB) Collaborative Research & Development Project. GSS is the lead partner for the project. This project addresses need for an energy harvesting methodology compatible with economic deployment of and extended battery life/ self powering for existing low power consumption combined non-dispersive infra-red (NDIR) carbon dioxide, temperature and humidity sensors. The project will investigate the feasibility...

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