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News — OEM

New LP8 CO2 Sensor Development Kit

The LP8 miniature CO2 sensor by SenseAir is one of the smallest, lowest-power, non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) sensor on the market today. It was designed from the ground up for long-term battery or solar-powered applications. It requires as little as 11.9 mJ @ 3.3V per measurement. In order to get up to speed with the LP8 sensor, we’ve designed the LP8 CO2 Sensor Development Kit. The board includes the LP8 sensor and a super-capacitor that allows for operation from low current sources like low-power batteries or solar cells. By using the stored energy of the capacitor, the sensor has the ability...

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TelAire CO2 Sensor Module SDKs

CO2Meter now offers USB Development kits for the TelAire CO2 sensor line. USB dev kits allow rapid application prototyping for OEMs as well as an easy to use interface for engineers working with ambient air non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) carbon dioxide sensors. CM-0215 is the classic TelAire Amphenol T6613 2,000ppm NDIR CO2 sensor module with soldered pin connectors and a UART to USB Bridge cable that provides PC connectivity and power to the sensor. CM-0216 is a TelAire Amphenol T6713 2,000ppm NDIR CO2 small-footprint sensor module with soldered pin connectors and a UART to USB Bridge cable that provides PC connectivity...

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Fastest CO2 Sensor in the World Measures CO2 in Breath 20 Times a Second

Testing by CO2Meter.com confirms that the SprintIR Carbon Dioxide Sensor by Gas Sensing Solutions Ltd (GSS) in the UK is the fastest carbon dioxide sensor in the world. Using a 20% CO2 version of the SprintIR sensor, a vacuum pump and graphing software, our engineers recorded 20 carbon dioxide level readings per second during normal human respiration. As the largest distributor of GSS sensors in the US, we felt it was important to test GSS's performance claims. “The SprintIR CO2 sensor opens up a whole new level of precision in the fields of capnography, closed circuit scuba diving, mammalian respiration,...

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CO2Meter.com Creates Modified Atmospheric Packaging Sensor Array

The high speed K30FS and COZIR CO2 sensors are both capable of measuring CO2 levels every 0.5 seconds. But recently, an OEM client asked if we could sample even faster. The application is called modified atmospheric processing, or MAP.  MAP technologies are used throughout the food and pharmaceutical industries. For example, MAP is used to replace the atmosphere inside pill bottles with CO2 before sealing. Each bottle is filled, sealed against oxygen and tested for leakage at sub-second intervals on high-speed production lines. It is also used in meat and produce packaging, where oxygen is replaced with a combination of...

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