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Check Your Filters

  Just like the furnace filter in your house, many CO2 meters have filters to keep out liquids and dirt. And just like the furnace filter in your house, the filters in your CO2 meters need to be changed when they get dirty too. Sampling Devices CO2Meter’s Sampling Data Loggers and sensor devkits with micro-pumps have inline water, moisture and dust filters designed to allow air flow in while keeping out moisture, dirt, dust or mold spores that can affect the sensors. If you are using your meter or sensor in a clean environment, these filters should be checked every 6 months....

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Monitoring CO2 Levels Critical for Mushroom Farm Success

How important is measuring carbon dioxide in mushroom farming? Just ask Diego Molina at Team AGROLAB in Guatemala. AGROLAB is a mushroom production farm specializing in white caps, Portobello, Crimini and Oyster mushrooms. “We use portable CO2 meters every day at least 10 to 12 times a day. There wonderful because you can move them from grow room to grow room and carry them with no problems at all,” Diego said. Monitoring Carbon dioxide levels is especially important during pinning, the most elusive part of the mushroom’s growth cycle. Changes in bedding, diseases, pests, temperature, light, humidity and CO2 levels...

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