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News — Data Logger

CO2 Meter Data Loggers Used by Researchers Worldwide

a Most articles about CO2 in the atmosphere are usually linked to the idea of “global warming.” Yet there are many reasons to measure CO2 levels besides weather change. In fact, our portable Environmental Data Loggers are used by scientists who need to record daily CO2 levels over weeks or months for a variety of projects. For example, Spanish researchers are using our data loggers in caves to determine if sudden changes in CO2 levels might provide an even earlier warning system for earthquakes. Other scientists are studying the correlation of CO2 levels in caves with the growth of stalactites...

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First Look: New CO2mini IAQ CO2 Monitor is Lowest Price on the Market

The CO2mini is a low-cost, compact and easy-to-use mini desktop carbon dioxide and temperature meter. CO2mini was developed to monitor Indoor Air Quality and can be used in offices, schools, meeting rooms, homes and other places where personal comfort and health is important. The CO2mini is easy to use: just plug it in to a USB port, and it will begin to measure air quality instantly. It has no moving parts, and is designed to last for years. Three LEDs - green, yellow and red - show overall air quality, or you can read the CO2 and temperature levels on...

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CO2 & Oxygen Data Logger Used to Study Animal Euthanasia

Animal euthanasia isn’t a very happy subject, but it is a fact of life. Animals are euthanized every day for food, rendering, medical research and in animal shelters. The goal everyone shares – from the farmer to the scientist to the consumer - is to make euthanasia as painless as possible for the animal. In the case of piglet euthanasia, blunt-force trauma to the head has long been the accepted standard in swine facilities. Despite its appearance, it can be an effective way to euthanize nursing piglets. However, it must be performed expertly by trained personnel. If not done correctly,...

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Hydophobic Filters Used on Diffusion Data Loggers

This application note explains the gas permeable, hydrophobic (water repelling) filters covering the air vents in our 1% and 30% CO2, %RH and Temperature diffusion data loggers model numbers CM‐0016, CM‐0017, CM‐0018, CM‐0019. It allows gas to pass through the filter, but not H20 molecules. Click to read (pdf).

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pSense Budget Data Logger

We get lots of calls asking us to explain the difference between our CM-0016 data logger and the pSense CO2 Meter. They both monitor CO2, temperature and relative humidity, they are both hand-held, both battery operated, and both include an LCD display. The difference is that the CM-0018 is an “untethered” data logger. This means that the unit has its own built-in memory. You turn the CM-0016 on, set it in a room, and come back a day, a week, or a month later. All the readings are stored in memory. You plug the CM-0018 into your laptop PC, download...

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