University Research Programs Utilizing CO2 Sensor Technologies

University Health and CO2Meter Sensors

By: Morgan Morris, Director of Marketing

Students in a variety of research programs from universities such as Harvard, Purdue, and UC Berkeley are proud to stand by CO2Meter partnered sensor technologies to incorporate in their diverse research applications. 

To insure validation in these scientific and medical research projects the use of accurate gas detection sensor solutions is fundamental.

Accurate, reliable, and consistent gas sensing technologies have been used in dozens of research applications including Incubation, Neuroscience, Robotics, Biological, Indoor Air Quality, Agriculture, Capnography, Cryogenics, and more. 

Recently, a California University was awarded a government grant to utilize the SprintIR6S 20% CO2 Smart Sensor technology in a rare brain imaging application studying head movement tracking CO2 flowing through the blood as well as exhalation.

In using the SprintIR6S the researchers are able to record hyper accurate data at 20x per second by incorporating the CO2Meter GasLab Data Logging Software.

This is one example of research (the university) and industry (CO2Meter) collaborating on a project to create accurate and replicate-able solutions that consumers will realize in the years to come. 

Another example is the use of an Oxygen sensor for research in a fighter pilots mask. The CM-42951 0-25% UV Flux Oxygen Smart Sensor was recently incorporated in a National University capstone project studying the oxygen concentrations passing through a F-35 Lightning II pilots mask.

The Oxygen Smart Sensor incorporated with the capstone oxygen mask study, provided key data results which were able to further the universities research.


CO2Meter GasLab Data from National University DEN Research

Pictured above, GasLab Data Logging Software, w. CM-4295 Oxygen Sensor

Research studies take time to develop, conduct, and analyze. Their results most often found in research journals and publications can take months and years to create. Their public benefits can often take a decade to come to fruition and realization.

The team at CO2Meter is proud to have the opportunity to provide technologies and support to those researchers conducting the studies today that are creating tomorrows advancements. 

For more information on CO2Meter, new sensor technologies, technical support or to view our sensor collection page, Visit us - here

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