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Sampling Data Loggers Test CO2 Fire Suppression Systems


Fire Systems, Inc. has installed, monitored and inspected fire protection systems in the greater Atlanta, Georgia area for the last 30 years. Many of Atlanta’s landmark buildings and facilities are protected by Fire Systems, Inc. So we were intrigued when we received an order for 3 of our CM-0003 100% CO2 Sampling Data Loggers.

I spoke with Geoff Zimbelman at Fire Systems, Inc. and asked him how they used our handheld carbon dioxide monitors.

“It was time to replace our old test monitors,” Geoff said. “After we install a CO2 fire suppression system, we use them as part of a full discharge test.” Geoff explained that their systems were installed under strict National Fire Protection Association (NFPA 12 and 17) code requirements that include a complete discharge test of the system once it is installed.

I asked Geoff where CO2 fire protection systems are used?

“We use CO2 systems primarily in rooms that hold printing presses or chemical rooms,” he said. CO2 flooding systems require 34% CO2 concentration to extinguish a normal fire, while some chemical fires require 65-70%. 3 meters are necessary during the test to verify the CO2 meets or exceeds the desired levels at three different heights in the room. Otherwise, they would have to run the test 3 times!

For waterless clean agent fire suppression in rooms that are occupied or cannot afford fire-related downtime, Fire Systems, Inc. installs FM-200 and HFC-227ea systems manufactured by Kidde.

When asked about the differences between his new monitors compared to the older ones, Geoff mentioned that when they were tested side by side, the CM-0003 models showed similar accuracy. The ease of set up, and not having to calibrate the CM-0003 at each test is a significant time saver. The new feature he appreciated was the ability to download the data and create graphs as part of the turn-over documents handed to clients after the system test.

Why did he ultimately choose CO2Meter’s Sampling Data Loggers?

“You were recommended to me by Kidde Fire Systems,” he said. “But I did my homework. Before I decided to buy I called three different companies, and your customer service was the best.”

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