RAD-0501 CO2 Controller Supports 220 VAC

The RAD-0501 Day & Night CO2 Monitor & Controller for Greenhouses is one of our most popular products both on our website and on Amazon. However, many clients from outside the USA ask if this monitor will run on their country's power grid.

The simple answer is yes, the RAD-0501 can be powered by 110 up to 220 VAC systems without a problem. The internal power supply will accept between 110 and 220 VAC to produce 6VDC for the device circuits, and the control relay will handle up to 250 volts at 10 amps. This arrangement guarantees that when power is between 110 and 220 VAC, whatever voltage you put in is the voltage that will come out.

The challenge however, is to acquire the safe and proper plugs on both sides of the piggyback plug. While most countries are familiar with North American 3-prong grounded plug converters, they may not be as familiar with a piggyback plug. A piggyback plug both powers the device and provides power to the other side of the plug when the monitor senses the need for additional CO2. This can either be used to power a CO2 tank electronic regulator attached to a CO2 cylinder or turn on a CO2 generator.

For most users, the solution is simple:

1. Purchase a grounded converter plug that accepts a US 3-prong male plug and plugs into a standard wall socket.

2. Purchase a grounded converter plug that plugs into a US 3-prong receptacle and accepts their country's standard plug on the other end.

These can be simple adapter plugs or cords that have the correct adapter at each end.

Replacing the piggyback plug will void your warranty. For example, in the EU the Schuko piggyback plug like this one from plastrol.pl could work if it is wired correctly by a licensed electrician, but we cannot be responsible for safety once you've changing the plug on the cord. 

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