"One Last Thing. ."

Brewery CO2Meter Application

One last thing…

By Joshua Pringle, VP of Sales and Business Development

These three words, each by themselves, are innocuous and even meaningless with each having multiple connotations and antonyms. Dare I say, nobody would pay much attention to any of these words used singularly on a page. However, when combined in this particular order the inference is clear. Little is left to the imagination. A sense of dread swoops in and wraps you in a cloak of near panic.

Now, hear those words out of the mouth of a building or fire inspector as they complete their inspection of your facility either for the first time or for re licensing. You’ve just completed your walk through and your inspector seems pleased that they have put approved tick marks next to all 5,000+ items on their inspection list. You are smiling and feeling good about finally being able to open your doors (or to keep them open).

Then, like a young Mike Tyson’s jab, it hits you in the face. “One last thing!!”


Their request may be something simple like, “Just remember to move that sign nearer to the door” or “Don’t forget to get that crack in the sidewalk fixed”.

On the other hand, you may hear the inspector say “I need you to get CO2 monitors installed before I can sign off”.

“What? CO2 Monitors? Where did that rule come from? Who made that up? I already have Carbon Monoxide detectors in the kitchen!! What do I need a CO2 monitor for?”

These are all legitimate questions for a business owner to ask. You feel blindsided by a last-minute request from the inspector. You haven’t budgeted any money for this “extra” project. Your food distributors are already scheduled to start delivering so you can open on time.

You feel like the “one last thing” is going to break you.

But it is not the end of the world...I promise!

Take a deep breath and know that you have multiple resources that can help you. Yes. Multiple.

Try contacting these people:

Option 1

Call CO2Meter. C’mon – that one was too obvious. Yes, we can help you. We have devices tested and ready to ship as fast as overnight and in most cases, you can install the device yourself in less than 30 minutes.

Option 2

Who delivers your gas? Look at the name on the CO2 tank/cylinders or on your invoice from your gas company. If they can’t or won’t install the device see option #1.

Option 3

If you have draft beer call your draft technician. Their name and number are likely on a sticker in the cooler next to the draft lines. If they can’t or won’t install the device see option #1.

Option 4

Ask your Coke or Pepsi representative. In most cases they are not installing devices, but they are recommending devices and installers. If they can’t or won’t install the device see option #1.

Option 5

Call your facility maintenance company if you use one. Facility maintenance companies are starting to add monitors as part of their product lineup. Yup – see Option #1.

Needless to say, as a business owner you have multiple options to solve for the “one last thing”.

This is also an opportunity to create a clearer, more productive line of communication with the Fire Inspector. Your ability to solve for the “one last thing” is an open door for you to demonstrate your flexibility and desire to satisfy the requirements completely. Fire Inspectors generally gravitate towards and appreciate business owners who demonstrate these characteristics. This is your opportunity to “get in good” with your inspector.

Please know that the “one last thing” is not an attempt to trip you up or make you fail. It is likely caused by it being the “one last thing” the Inspectors boss gave them to do or it was the latest thing they read in their code training.

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