Non-Profit Helps Veterans with CBD Oil

Indoor Agriculture and CO2 Safety

Camp Suma is a non-profit organization that offers CBD oils and products at low or no cost to military veterans, police, and emergency first responders.

When we learned Camp Suma was using our Indoor CO2 Grow Room Controller we were interested in their mission, and the how they were using our grow controller in their operations.

Veterans and CBD Oil Products

The U.S. cannabis industry expects to reach $32 billion in annual sales in 2022. What is less well known is the increased demand for CBD oils and CBD oil-infused products as a natural treatment for PTSD, anxiety, depression and insomnia. For an increasing number of military veterans, police, fire, safety and EMT personnel, CBD products offer a safe and natural option to pharmaceutical drugs.

The challenge for veterans however, is that CBD-infused products are not yet approved by the Food and Drug Administration. According to the U.S. Department of Veteran affairs, “VA clinicians may only prescribe medications that have been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for medical use.”

Talking with Camp Suma

CO2Meter took the opportunity to interview Camp Suma's Cultivation Manager Chase Kesler. We quickly became interested in understanding the ins-and-outs of Camp Suma's operations and were curious to find out more on their experience with CO2Meter's grow controller.

Camp Suma Chase Kessler

CO2Meter: Tell us a little bit about your industry and your mission?

Chaser: "Camp Suma is a non-profit organization with a unique mission in that our program provides products at low or no-cost to those who suffer from emotional trauma. Many of our customers include military veterans, front liners, first responders, fire and rescue personnel, and paramedics." 

"We decided to create this program because we knew there was so much research out there showing positive connections between using CBD related products and relieving stress and anxiety. We then were able to set up a distribution through veteran organizations, creating general awareness campaigns and delivering high-quality, clean, and organic cannabinoid products."

"One of the most exciting parts about Camp Suma is that we actively participate in research. We have been involved with really intriguing investigations to therapeutic uses of CBD products and treatment one for neuron-degenerative disease such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's. Overall, our mission is to continue to further our efforts for the industry and leverage all of the benefits we can from this amazing plant."

CO2Meter: Can you tell us about your first impressions of the RAD-0502 CO2 Grow Controller and how you're using it?

CO2Meter RAD-0502 Indoor CO2 Grow Controller

Chase:  "Primarily the use was for indoor cannabis. The device is very simplistic but is a good design. We had not yet viewed the video instructions. However the installations instructions were user-friendly. Overall, everything seemed pretty easy to use once we understood how to use them."

CO2Meter: Could you tell us a little more on how you are using the device in your grow environment?

Chase: "The CO2 enhancement for hemp is pretty much, "set it and forget it!". With the controller it has some great features and honestly things I didn't expect it to have. Things like the Lux meter, temperature and humidity readings, which frankly are all critical elements you need to track in our industry. Based on the lights we have a par meter worked better than the lux meter so if anything that could be another option to add value. For us, the controller is valuable for our indoor grow space in being able to adjust and control levels - especially in an airtight space."

CO2Meter: Are you using both the RAD-0502 sensors in one room? Or one sensor in two different rooms?

Chase: "We have two RAD-0502 monitors with 2 sensors being used in two different rooms. We find it useful."

CO2Meter: Are you currently using CO2 cylinders or a micro bulk tank?

Chase: "We have a 500-pound CO2 tank."

(Camp Suma also uses partner, Holston Gases for their CO2 tank supply, too.)

CO2Meter: Is the RAD-0502 controlling your CO2 correctly?

Chase: "I would say the RAD-0502 is doing an outstanding job of controlling our CO2. The CO2 seems to stay very high in our rooms - usually 500ppm above the set point - and we think it's because our rooms are so airtight."

CO2Meter: Have you been able to quantify an increased yield when utilizing CO2 enrichment?

Chase: "Since we've been growing, we've run the RAD-0502 so we haven't established a baseline of what our yield would be without it. We could potentially experiment with our grows in the future."

CO2Meter: What, if any, recommendations would you have for us to improve the RAD-0502?

Head Cultivator: "Currently, the device is really well designed and works perfectly. The only recommendation would be to potentially build a system that has the ability to access the internet. It would be nice to see the levels via an app and monitor all parameters, even adding blue tooth capability to the sensors would also be awesome!"

(Ed note: we're working on it!)

CO2Meter: If you could speak directly to our customers, what would you tell them about the RAD-0502?

Chase: "5 out of 5 rating - I would say the device delivered above expectations and the communication with the company was great. I expect this product just to continue to advance and ultimately lead the CO2 growing industry."

In addition to the partnership we have formed with Camp Suma, CO2Meter continues to partner with other cultivation facilities, grow operations, and hydroponic shops who all use CO2 monitors and grow controllers to gain accurate CO2 control for their plants.

For those also looking to incorporate CO2 safety devices, many facilities have  also found our Fixed/Wall Mounted Safety Devices or Portable/Handheld Safety Devices to be a huge factor when it comes to protection in the field for their employees and staff working near the hazardous gas.

Want to learn more about CO2 monitoring or control solutions? Email us at or speak to an expert at (877) 678-4259.

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