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New LP8 CO2 Sensor Development Kit

Posted by Mark Lemon on

miniature co2 sensor

The LP8 miniature CO2 sensor by SenseAir is one of the smallest, lowest-power, non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) sensor on the market today. It was designed from the ground up for long-term battery or solar-powered applications. It requires as little as 11.9 mJ @ 3.3V per measurement.

In order to get up to speed with the LP8 sensor, we’ve designed the LP8 CO2 Sensor Development Kit. The board includes the LP8 sensor and a super-capacitor that allows for operation from low current sources like low-power batteries or solar cells. By using the stored energy of the capacitor, the sensor has the ability to run for months or years in the field. This makes it the perfect solution for OEMs building wireless indoor CO2 level transmitters or for long-term outdoor CO2 measurement in remote locations.

Read our app note describing how to power the LP8 sensor.

To make testing and rapid application prototyping easy, the LP8 Development Kit includes a USB to UART cable and our free GasLab© software.

Learn more about the LP8 CO2 Sensor Development Kit here.

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