Let's Talk GasLab 2.1

Gas Lab Software Update Article

For those of you that have not heard about the latest CO2Meter software upgrade, CO2Meter released its newest version of the GasLab Software just this year.

The updated GasLab 2.1 Software includes new features, dashboards and customizable options for its users.

The GasLab software was originally designed by CO2Meter engineers who spent countless hours to develop the perfect software solution for all CO2Meter supplied sensors, development kits and manufactured products.

If you need quick access to view data logging analysis and real-time gas levels measurements, this industry-standard software is key.

We interviewed John Houck, CO2Meter Engineer to ask him about the most recent changes to GasLab and how it can help our clients.

1. Tell us about the new GasLab 2.1 update.

JH: Gaslab 2.1 has improved communications and data logging capabilities. It is designed to work with our new products and latest technologies. It allows customers to access features, customize configurations and manage data from Sensors and Data Loggers.

It really makes setup, calibration and data logging in one word – simple.

2. Will my existing CO2Meter.com product(s) work with Gaslab 2.1?

JH: Yes, Gaslab 2.1 is backward compatible with legacy CO2Meter.com products. We recommend upgrading to Gaslab 2.1 to achieve the best performance as well as the new features.

3. Which one feature are you most excited about in the new update?

JH: Gaslab 2.1 is used to communicate with our New Smart Sensor line of MX and EC products. Smart Sensors have enhanced communication, calibration and Gas Detection capabilities that are accessible through the latest Gaslab Software upgrade.

Gaslab 2.1 and CO2Meter Smart Sensors were engineered simultaneously by the same engineers. They are specifically designed to seamlessly interface with each other for unmatched precision and accuracy.

4. What products specifically can interface with the GasLab 2.1?

JH: Gaslab 2.1 can be used to support a variety of products including MX or EC Development Kits, Sampling Data Loggers.

The full list of supported products can be viewed here

At CO2Meter.com, we are constantly adding new systems to our product lines. GasLab 2.1 is essential to access all the features and capabilities of our latest products.

5. How do I get the new 2.1 update if I am still on the old version?

JH: Go to our website, Scroll down to the Software Downloads link, and fill out the form.

GasLab 2.1 has many enhancements that are not available in the old software. Whether you have been using our sensors and software for many years, or if you are new to our products and services.

It doesn't matter if you are a student, scientist, researcher or hobbyist. GasLab is free for everyone.

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