CO2Meter at Spring 2017 MJBizCon

CO2Meter will be exhibiting its line of CO2 controllers and safety products at the Spring 2017 Marijuana Business Conference & Expo (MBizCon) May 17-19 in Washington D.C.

MJBizCon was started in 2012 by MJBizDaily, an online news site focused on the cannabis industry. It is the largest and oldest national cannabis tradeshow, with over 3,500 business leaders and investors, 275 exhibitors, and 60 seminars scheduled for this 3 day event. In addition to the spring trade show, a second show is held each year in the fall in Las Vegas.

With marijuana legalized for recreational purposes in 8 states and available for medical use in 21 additional states, investors, bankers, government officials, greenhouse suppliers as well as growers use MJBizCon as an opportunity to network and to learn the latest information about the industry.

For example, the keynote speaker is John Vardaman, Former Assistant Deputy Chief (Money Laundering Section) at the U.S. Department of Justice. John co-authored a key memo released in 2014 that outlined how local financial institutions can bank marijuana-related businesses while staying compliant with Federal banking laws.

As states have begun to regulate businesses who use stored CO2, large-scale greenhouses have a need for CO2Meter’s Remote CO2 Storage Safety Alarms as well as hand-held CO2 monitors to protect employees working in enclosed spaces. In addition to monitoring CO2 for safety, we also offer a top-selling Day/Night CO2 Monitor and Controller for smaller grow rooms and greenhouses.

Not surprisingly, because of the business nature of this trade show and seminars, no marijuana may be sold or consumed at the event. In addition, the trade show is not open to the public. Only business leaders and vendors are invited to attend.

If you plan to attend MJBizCon, please visit us in booth 535.

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