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What is the importance of a multi gas detector?

When facing a multitude of inert gases across your field of expertise it is common for an individual to reach out to CO2Meter in search of an analytical gas detector that can measure a plethora of gas concentrations in one single platform.

A multi-gas analyzer like the Multi-Gas Sampling Data Logger, will provide comprehensive gas analysis for carbon dioxide (CO2), oxygen (O2), methane (CH4) and carbon monoxide (CO) gases.

For those that are interested in three to four gas monitoring to continuously evaluate a given environment, these gas analyzers work at a more complex rate. A multi-gas analyzer can not only identify multiple gas concentrations from a single and robust platform, the device can also provide the user complete analysis with data logging and on-screen graphing of the gas concentrations on the large LCD display. 

Additionally, individuals that work in applications that store or use a variety of gases like in medical or scientific environments, lean on multi gas detection to accurately and precisely monitor these gases that are vital in applications like incubation, cryogenics, laboratory, life sciences, pest abatement, research, and many others.

Not only can the (CM-1000) Multi Gas Analyzer provide useful data for research, it can also provide additional readings for Relative Humidity (RH), Ambient Temperature (AMB), Dew Point (DP), and Altitude (ALTI) - all important measurements needed in these specific environments.

What makes this portable multi gas detector truly a must-have solution is that it provides all of these features and benefits at a true value.  

Which industries require multi-gas detection?

Life Science and Incubation

Incubation and Life-Science Applications

With the use of many inert gases in incubation and life science environments, technicians require complete analysis of carbon dioxide (CO2) and oxygen (O2) specifically in research processes. Because oxygen is used as an essential component for cell growth combined with carbon dioxide for embryo development, measuring both of these inert gases is critical for controlling pH. By using our multi gas sampling data logger researchers are able to maintain the specific environments that are needed for cultures at about 20% O2 and 5-7% CO2. With the explosion of incubation use, especially in fighting diseases like Covid-19, gas detection and analysis will only continue to be an important tool to further advancements.


Hospitals and MRI

Medical and Laboratory Applications

For those employees and individuals who work in medical facilities, hospitals, research clinics and cryogenics, inert gases are always present. For those in these industries specifically it is common to find argon, helium, nitrogen, oxygen and carbon dioxide used heavily to produce very low temperatures, freeze tissues like cancer cells, maintain pH samples, and even operate MRI machines. For those in this industry being able to accurately monitor the gases in an environmental atmosphere is critical to further advance in the field and maintain optimal sampling data. Any multi gas detection solution will always provide peace of mind that their research data is being measured and collected in the most accurate of means.


Gas Detection and Pest Abatement

Pest Abatement

One intriguing application that commonly utilizes the Multi-Gas Sampling Data Logger, is pest abatement. This application includes individuals or businesses looking to inject gas into a confined space to drive out or euthanize pests rodents, bed bugs, roaches, or even prairie dogs.  By driving in large volumes of high concentration CO2 the pests are driven from the space.  The Multi Gas Sampling Data Logger is utilized to determine the precise high level of CO2 as well as the depletion of oxygen in the space.

Over the years, CO2Meter has worked alongside many companies and scenarios where pest abatement or control is vital - such as on commercial aircraft.  With the temporary "mothballing" of commercial aviation fleets due to Covid-19 many fleet maintenance teams are ramping up efforts to service aircraft including pest abatement.   Not only can inert gases like carbon dioxide (CO2) be a more cost effective means of euthanasia, the gas can also provide a efficient means of abatement without damaging any of the flight controls during the process.

Fire Suppression Testing

 Fire Suppression

For those in fire suppression applications, the multi-gas detector includes the critical component of a micropump to simultaneously measure multiple gas concentrations through a single sampling port. To further accommodate customers in need of testing their CO2 fire suppression systems CO2Meter uniquely designs the CM-1000 to NFPA 12  standards which requires testing at low, medium, and high points within the space at specific rates.

The 100% Carbon Dioxide Sampling Data Logger is the only device manufactured that meet these requirements. In addition, the suppression system must reach and hold specific CO2 concentrations over a given period of time making the  100% model of the multi detector series, a necessity in this environment. 

Customers wanting to also understand the oxygen depletion in the environment also add a 0-25% Oxygen sensor to measure and log this valuable piece of additional date.

With multi gas detection and analytical solutions for customers growing rapidly CO2Meter provides a great value to customers by offering this multi gas analyzer instead of older, single gases sensor technologies or disposable tubes.  Now you are able to utilize a multi sensor platform and gain accuracy, reliability, and longevity, all in one

For more information regarding multi gas detection solutions and your application - contact us today, Sales@CO2Meter.com

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