GasLab Update

Our free GasLab® Sensor Configuration & Data Logging Software has several updates that we want users to be aware of. Even if you are using an older version of GasLab, you should still give this new version a try.

Support for New Products


Bug Fixes

  • Auto data-logging improved for all sensors
  • Multiple changes to improve operation
  • Improved stability across all versions of Windows

New Installation & Update Process

For users of older versions of GasLab®, the installation and update process has changed. Send us an email using the link below, and we'll immediately send you back a link to download the latest version. With this new system, you download the entire file, so you won't have a problem with internal company firewalls.

Request Link to Install GasLab® Software

NOTE: When you attempt to run GasLab® depending on your security settings you may see the following message:

Click "More Info" then complete the installation. GasLab® has been tested and verified. It will not put your PC at risk.

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