Florida Brewers Guild Conference Recap 2018

Florida Brewers Guild Recap

By Morgan Morris, Marketing Manager

For those of you that are not familiar, The Florida Brewers Guild is a nonprofit trade association that is committed to preserving the rights and interest of all craft brewers throughout the state of Florida.

243 operating craft breweries - to be exact.

With the motto of “Small, Independent and Traditional” the Florida Brewers Guild Conference showcases, just that.

One visible encouragement that is recognized at the conference is that whether you are a small group of new craft brew ventures’ or a clan of dedicated brew connoisseurs; there is something for everyone at the conference.

The “FBG” really represents Florida brewing to the fullest and always encourages its new members to engage and come together for supporting Florida brewers and standing by the freedom of being able to create a real passion that many others at times try and abolish.

From the time of arrival, the exhibit entrance was filled with attendees sprawled at individual beer stations trying the newest and truest of Florida craft brews. Whether your preferred taste is Stout, Porter or IPA there was something new to dive your taste buds into or a tried and true favorite that you would not put down.

Yes. The immense consumption of delicious Florida local craft beer was evident among the show floor, yet this conference held a different focus unlike the last and that was the unique opportunity of education that came from the seminars just next door.

From Brewery Safety and Recent Suicides, to Craft Brewery Regulators and how to comply – the seminar’s topic of Brewery Protection was hard to go unnoticed.

A strong visual presence of Brewery Safety provided me with an amazed relief, as I noticed the show floor suddenly emptied as attendees scurried to find their seats.


A topic that once may have gone unnoticed - finally became more prevalent.

As tragedies unfold more and more frequently and regulations intensify in the brewing community, light is shed on an important issue.

After three days of education and supplier interaction The Florida Brewers Guild 2nd Annual Conference started to wind down, yet the mission and overall education was a huge success and excited attendees grabbed their swag bags and headed towards the exit with new ideas for running their breweries and even better ideas for the next hit Florida beer.

There was opportunity to share incredible craft beer, support the local Florida community and provide brewers with proper CO2 Safety Devices – which was our greatest triumph of all.

For more information on how you can become Brewer Safe, Visit Us HERE

Be sure to also view, Florida Brewers Guild and Support the Florida Craft Brew Community!

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