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Low Power Sensor GSS Cozir Blink CO2 Sensor

Gas Sensing Solutions Ltd. in Scotland recently released a revolutionary new CO2 sensor allowing the end user to fully cycle power as well as to manage power consumption.

The COZIR®-Blink sensor is a breakthrough in the sensor industry.  

What makes this sensor so extraordinary is that its designed for low concentration CO2 environments allowing for ultra low power consumption management and energy harvesting.  

When reviewing the COZIR® Blink, one should recognize the difference between the Blink sensor and that of its co-partner sensor, the CozIR®-LP2 5000 ppm CO2 Sensor

  • COZIR® Blink Sensor– an ultra low power CO2 sensor, which enables the user to customize how much energy is spent on each sensor measurement allowing them full control of energy trade-offs for ultra low power environments and applications. The Blink also allows for I2C communications, and is very micro friendly. 
  • CozIR®-LP2 5000ppm CO2 Sensor– an ultra low power CO2 sensor which holds the lowest power and longest lifespan of an infrared CO2 sensor available today. 50x lower power than typical NDIR CO2 Sensors

The COZIR® Blink is already in use in several applications including:

  1. Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)
  2. HVAC and Building Control
  3. Agriculture
  4. Food Packaging and MAP
  5. Instrumentation 
  6. Automotive
  7. Aerospace
  8. Safety  

While integrating the COZIR® Blink in environments such as IAQ and agriculture customers now have the ability to individually manage the power consumption, as the sensor is designed to be powered down completely between measurements.

Additionally, this sensor offers both UART and I2C interface outputs and has the capacity to take measurements of up to 1% CO2 concentrations.

When you look back at the key industries which heavily benefit from the sensor, such as HVAC and IAQ, you see the application need and the clear sensor solution that the Blink provides. 

In overall Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) environments the need for a low power sensor is dire and commonly one that can be left in the application, by itself, for many years. With the COZIR® Blink the sensor can run off a 3.6v lithium battery for over 10 years. 

This means, for environments which also have a need for a long life span in a portable, wearable or even self-powered monitoring solution - it is now possible with the integration of the Blink to reach those lifespan expectations. Additional applications may include battery powered systems, IoT and smart technologies. 

To ensure the quality of the overall sensor, GSS also builds each module on a unique, patented LED technology platform and optical design. The Blinks solid-state technology enables best-in-class power consumption, lifespan and overall durability. 

Current COZIR® Blink customers have provided positive feedback in the sensors ability to fit neatly inside of compact instruments and easy integration into wireless and IoT networks - such as Bluetooth and WiFi. 

With the extremely compact design, configurable power levels, and low power  CO2Meter believes this sensor will be a constant recommendation for energy-efficient smart homes and IAQ environments alike.

For more information see the COZIR Blink CO2 Sensor.

About GSS

Gas Sensing Solutions Ltd. (GSS) is a UK-based business specializing in the creation of customized CO2 sensors for a diverse range of applications, including solutions for IoT (Internet of Things) applications across many market sectors.

Their market experience includes: scientific, healthcare, horticulture, food processing, diving, transportation, incubation, aerospace, automotive and a variety of diverse industrial safety markets.

Visit the GSS website to learn more about their technology.

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