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Craft Brewer's Conference and BrewExpo April 9-11

Craft Brewer's Conference and BrewExpo April 8-11

Join CO2Meter at CBC April 8-11th Booth #16107

For those that are unaware, the Craft Brewers Conference is the largest Craft Brewing industry event hosted by the Brewers Association in the United States.

Statistically speaking, this years conference and expo will host more than 13,000+ attendees and feature 80 educational seminars led by the top minds in the craft beer community.

Why should you go to the Craft Brewers Conference?

For any first-timer approaching this conference, prepare to be utterly amazed.

Walking along the 800+ exhibitor floor space can be a bit overwhelming.  You can network away at "beer-stations" while expanding your knowledge at the seminars. All to provide attendees with incredible craft brewer insight you just can't find anywhere else. CO2Meter will be right in the middle of the action near the center of the expo hall, at booth #16107. 

What will be the newest showcased trend at this year's conference, you may wonder?

CO2Meter Showcases NEW SAN-13 

We will be showcasing one of our most anticipated and requested devices for the craft brewing industry - the SAN-13 CO2 Leak Detector.

Partners from craft brewing along with draft installers and technicians helped us design the SAN-13 CO2 Leak Detector to ensure it met their rigorous needs for the device in brewery applications.

The SAN-13 CO2 Leak Detector was designed for employees or workers in brewing and beverage applications to detect leaks in their CO2 systems.

By utilizing key feedback from the craft brew industries and association leaders, CO2Meter will be featuring their newest device at the Craft Brewers Conference, and expects to exceed industry standards with the device's unique advanced features which include the ability to take readings 20x per second! 

Click here to visit our SAN-13 CO2 Leak Detector Specifications Page.  

CO2 Safety Products for Breweries

You may be curious, why would craft breweries and beverage industries care about CO2 Safety?

With the average brewer employee working around high levels of CO2 daily, the need for CO2 Safety devices has become required in many jurisdictions.

Whether your local municipalities or the Fire Codes require safety devices doesn't matter.  CO2 safety devices are becoming a requirement almost everywhere.  CO2Meter's Fixed-Wall Mounted devices are designed to meet all local and state codes.

The Remote Storage Safety 3 Alarm (RAD-0102-6) is designed specifically for the brewery and beverage industries and protects workers and customers near areas in which Carbon Dioxide (CO2) can be stored or produced.

The RAD-0102-6 is critical in a majority of applications, and features a wired CO2 monitor and remote display, meets all local and state fire codes, and meets NFPA, IFC, and NBIC requirements.

Breweries nationwide stand by our RAD-0102-6 as their preferred CO2 safety monitor.   

Personal CO2 Safety Monitor

Personal Handheld CO2 Safety Monitors are also available from CO2Meter to let workers and employees easily and accurately monitor gas levels, anywhere at any time.

With the SAN-10 Personal 5% CO2 Safety Monitor and Data Logger employees who work in enclosed areas where Carbon Dioxide (CO2) may cause personal injury can be alerted to excessive amounts of gas.

Brewers worldwide utilize the SAN-10 because of its multiple safety features like multiple audible and visual alarms, its rugged design, heavy-duty metal belt clip, rechargeable Li-ion batteries, and incredibly unique "man-down alarm" which is triggered when an employee fall occurs. 

Hot off the Presses

CO2Meter will be demonstrating the latest advancement in the SAN product line at the CBC in Denver.  Visit Booth #16107 and talk with our team about the new SAN-11 Personal 5% CO2 Monitor with data logging capabilities.

How to register for Craft Brewers Conference?

The future of craft brewing and industry innovation is constantly changing and we could not be more excited to see familiar faces and make new connections with everyone at this years' Craft Brewers Conference 2019!

Will you be at this years' conference in Denver, CO - April 8-11th?

Be sure you don't miss out and register today for craft brewers' largest industry event, Click Here for More!

Already planning to attend CBC?

Be sure you stop by and visit us,

CO2Meter - BOOTH #16107

Email: Sales@CO2Meter.com or Add us to your Exhibitor itinerary here.

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