New COZIR LP CO2 Sensor

low power co2 sensor module

GSS has entered the low-power, small sensor market with their new COZIR LP (Low Power) Ambient Air CO2 Sensor Module. This 0-5,000ppm CO2 OEM sensor has a 31 x 19.5 x 8 mm footprint, similar to the latest generation of small NDIR CO2 sensors on the market today.

What makes the COZIR LP useful is that it draws less than 1mA average power with 33mA peak power at 3.3VDC during reading. This low power usage and small size means it can be powered by a compact battery, removing the need for larger batteries or super-capacitors in battery-operated OEM devices.

With its proven, patented gold-plated optics for long life, proprietary GSS solid-state light source and detector, and the ability to read CO2 levels twice per second, the COZIR LP is a great new entry into the indoor air quality CO2 sensor market.

Click here to learn more or purchase the COZIR LP Sensor.

Posted by CO2 Meter on May 05, 2017.
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