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CO2Meter continues to forge great customer and partner relationships across a variety of industries and corporations, much like that of General Air. 

General Air was founded in 1970 in Denver, CO with just three employees, and now serves as the largest independently owned welding supply company. The business is known for being a gas and welding supply distributor who believes that growth is a by-product of providing quality products, with value, and honoring employee, customer and vendor relationships.

General Air happens to serve as a bridge between manufacturers and customers alike, seeking to understand customer's needs and equipping them with practical solutions to help them succeed.

Aside from their recognition as a leading compressed gas distributor, General Air stands by CO2Meter safety monitors and technologies to ensure CO2 safety among their customers and pinpoint potential CO2 leaks. 

CO2Meter recently interviewed Brianna Applegate, Gas Sales Manager at General Air, to discuss her experience with CO2Meter and the world of compressed gases. 

CO2Meter: Tell us more about General Air and your industry. How did you get started, and what is the main mission?

Brianna: "I work in the compressed gas industry - my company provides compressed gases and welding supplies to the Industrial, Specialty and Medical, and Beverage industries. We are a service-oriented business that partners with our customers to help them save time, money, and make them safer in their jobs."

CO2Meter: What are your fields specialty areas?

Brianna: "As the Gas Sales Manager, I focus on the beverage and specialty/medical segments of our business. Our main focuses are gas supply, peripheral gas apparatuses and safety equipment for these specific industries"

CO2Meter: In your experience, what has been the biggest advent/change in your industry recently? 

Brianna: "The biggest change has been local fire departments' focus on the safety in the storage and use of compressed gases. A big component is permitting and gas detection requirements. This especially is relevant for our beverage customers, and the emergence of cannabis and hemp extraction which has created a new need as well.

CO2Meter: What has been the most important need or service you provide for your customers?

Brianna: "Our industry expertise and 50 years in the business allows us to make efficiency and safety recommendations related to the storage and use of compressed gases. While these products are somewhat of a commodity, our service-oriented approach differentiates us from our competitors. We took the time early on to engage with our local fire departments as they wrote new policy regarding CO2 storage. This has allowed us to become the go-to for permitting and gas detection requirements. 

CO2Meter: Tell us about your experience with CO2Meter products (if any) and the overall correlation between CO2Meter safety monitoring in your industry?

Brianna: "While we do not currently purchase the bulk of our gas detection from CO2Meter, the equipment we have purchased has been great. The SAN-13 leak detectors specifically have helped us identify leaks in our customer's systems downstream quickly - removing the blame from our equipment. We appreciate the many customized solutions that your company has been able to assist us with, for example, the oxygen depletion monitor for an ice cream truck utilizing liquid nitrogen."

SAN-13 CO2 Leak Detector
SAN-13 - CO2 Leak Detector

CO2Meter: Why did you choose CO2Meter as a safety provider, and utilize them for your business?

Brianna: "It is refreshing to deal with a knowledgeable vendor and one that is willing to help with unique scenarios. Josh Pringle has always impressed me with his knowledge of local requirements for gas detection and providing solutions to help us get the job done."

CO2Meter: Are your customers concerned more about compliance or safety regarding carbon dioxide (CO2)?

Brianna: "Definitely compliance. We are working toward education on the true dangers of gas leaks, the importance of gas detection, and the awareness of the hazards of compressed gases in general."

CO2Meter: Has anyone in your company or those around you experienced any unfortunate CO2 exposure incidents?

Brianna: "No major incidents - thank goodness! - All of our CO2 drivers and service technicians wear personal monitors to prevent any unfortunate exposure issues from occurring." 

CO2Meter: With the upcoming trends and technologies emerging, what are a few trends that have become more abundant in your industry?

Brianna: "While still in its infancy, we have seem some traction in the CO2 reclamation process. Small breweries are finding ways to continue to capture CO2 from fermentation and are reusing it in other brewery processes."

CO2Meter: In terms of #CO2SafetyMatters, how has CO2 impacted your business overall and what makes it important specifically in your application or environment?

Brianna: "Over the past few years, the new requirements for CO2 use and storage have required us to place a greater focus on our CO2 program. We have gained new competencies and expertise and have hired additional staff to accommodate our customer's need to implement increased safety measures to become compliant. It has changed how we approach all new CO2 installations."

In addition to the incredibly valued partnership with General Air, CO2Meter has continued to partner with corporations across the globe; who all find trust, reliability, and safety in our unique services and gas sensing solutions in the respected fields. 

We continue to ensure that we provide the highest quality gas detection devices, education and technological advancements in order to further assist our customer's and supplier's needs and requirements.

To learn more about General Air please visit their website, here.

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