Happy Holidays from CO2Meter Staff!

Happy Holidays 2018

As December rolls around we are in awe of what the year brought us, and we take time to reflect on all our professional and personal accomplishments.  

Reflection is important as it paints a clear picture of the many moments which have made us grow as a company, alongside new and existing customers, partners, suppliers, colleagues and our incredible team.

We know this year has been another incredible year and we would like to showcase some of the most significant flashbacks of 2018.

New Technological Advancements

This year was truly a year of advancements and innovation.

2018 brought a swell of various advancements to our ever-expanding product line such as Wi-Fi capabilities, personal monitoring devices, oxygen sensing additions and even multi-sensing units.

In the many advancements of our own world, our focus has always been dedicated to providing the utmost in technology and innovation, not to mention customization for our users.

For example, we were excited to see your excitement over our new products including the Sunrise 1% CO2 Sensor, Oxy-Flex Oxygen Analyzer, Zirconia Oxygen Sensor System, Remote Oxygen Depletion AlarmPersonal CO Safety Monitor and many others.

Intriguing New Consumer Applications

While it can be difficult to keep up with the many emerging and intriguing new consumer applications, yet our incredible engineering team continues to go above and beyond to offer solutions for our customers.

Some of the most unique applications of 2018 were found in incubation, transportation, combustion, aerospace, baking and even hair salons.

The success found within each of these new customers applications integrated with our sensors or fixed and personal devices created a new buzz and unlocked the potential for new case studies, research, and devices to meet our customers needs.

New Expositions and Events

Aside from exciting applications and new advancements, one key area we are  reflecting on is the number of new expositions and exciting new customer encounters.

We were truly "globe-trotters" in 2018.

Our team visited suppliers and trade shows in China and Taiwan, Germany and Scotland, Canada and the Caribbean, and nearly every US state. We immersed ourselves in the new opportunities in gas detection as well as making new friends that will build our brand and business for years to come. 

During these expositions we made tremendous new connections, met with many loyal customers, gained incredible insight and feedback, and had the opportunity to share our innovations, vision for the future, and passion for accurate gas detection around the world.


Many of us were in awe of how are brand continues to be recognized in different forums around the globe.

One major 2018 moment for CO2Meter was recognition.

We expressed our sincerest gratitude this year, as we were mentioned in over a 24 publications and even awarded with “Best Practice in Customer Service” and deemed as a "Top Volusia County Manufacturer" right here at home.

Many companies often do not take time to recognize how each process, new encounter, advancement, and recognition may mean to the total business.  For us it only furthers our commitment and our gratitude to our customers as we continue to aim and reach higher in the years to come.

From all of us at CO2Meter, we appreciate our customers, partners, suppliers and community for providing us with the ability to further our passion in providing high quality gas detection devices and for being able to truly make a difference, one device at a time.

We offer our Best Wishes to all of you and look forward to what awaits us in 2019!

CO2Meter Staff

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