CO2Meter Talks Oktoberfest 2018

Oktoberfest 2018 Festival

With the crisp fall season upon us, the second week of September signals an even greater beginning for one of the largest worldwide festivals, better known as “Oktoberfest”.

The tradition started more than 200 years ago when German King Ludwig married Princess Therese.  They commemorated the occasion by hosting a festival for their community.  Munich Germany now hosts Oktoberfest in almost the identical location as the original.

For those of you that are not familiar, the Oktoberfest festival and tradition is unlike any other, in that it is celebrated over a two to three week period from late September to early October.

The festival attracts millions from all over the world who travel to Munichs great  meadow known as “Theresienwiese” - to join in on rivers of beer, traditional food, Bavarian dancing and spectacular carnival rides.

Throughout generations the celebration has stayed almost the same, yet today you can find the focus on the Oktoberfest beer halls - which hold up to 6,000 individuals and manage to actively fill millions of liters of beer per week!

Aside from the never ending beer pouring, other activities that showcase the Oktoberfest celebration include traditional delicious bratwurst, and "lederhosen" or "dirndls" to really blend into the scene. 

Although CO2Meter staff will not be in attendance at this year's Oktoberfest celebration, we decided to take the popular tradition and showcase a promotion that aligns with the brewing industry and overall community.  

CO2Meter plans to promote our "Remote CO2 Storage 3 Safety Alarm Monitor (RAD-0102-6)" at an exclusive price, for breweries and brewpubs nationwide.   

Why are we focused on safety in breweries you might ask?

Brewery employees succumb to high levels of CO2 in areas such as the fermentation and brite tanks, as well as in the walk-in draft coolers. 

With the Remote CO2 Storage Safety Alarm, breweries and their workers can  feel safe and secure knowing they have a monitor that can alarm audibly and visually as well as automatically trigger a fan to ventilate confined spaces where high concentrations of CO2 may cause personal harm and injury.

So next time you hoist that massive stein of beer or ask your barkeep to refill that stein keep in mind that Munich does not mess around when it comes to its notable traditions and the same goes for CO2Meter when it comes to gas detection and safety for its brewing partners.

So let’s, “Ein Prosit der Gemutlichkeit” and cheers to good times, cold brews and safe employees this fall season!

For more information on Oktoberfest traditions, view here.

For information on our Remote Storage Safety 3 Alarm for Breweries promotion, view here or contact us today for exclusive pricing. 

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