CO2Meter Takes on MJBIZCON2018!

By: Morgan Morris, Director of Marketing 

If you don't follow indoor agriculture or the cannabis market you may be unaware of the size and scope of the market.  Next weeks MJBIZCON 2018 at the Las Vegas Convention Center is the world’s largest exhibition of products for the agriculture industry and quickly becoming the "go to show" for the market.

This is not your average agriculture show though. MJBIZCON is the most prominent exposition for the cannabis market featuring more than 20,000 cannabis professionals, investors and key business stakeholders  all eager and excited to discover the next best practices and innovative trends in this billion-dollar industry.

CO2Meter has been involved in the cannabis market for more than a dozen years and we take pride in specializing in unique, high-quality gas detection CO2 Monitors and Grow Controllers that are constantly being customized to fit agricultural, greenhouse, grow-room and hydroponic future applications.  Our sales and engineering team take customer feedback and improve our existing devices or create new ones (hint - this is foreshadowing).

True to our motto, “We approach each customer’s application as a unique opportunity to understand, educate, and provide product solutions that meet the customer’s needs while exceeding their expectations for reliability and service”.  For the agriculture industry, we make no exception.

CO2Meter is especially excited about the 2018 MJBIZCON because we will be launching five new devices at the show - two of which carry unique Wi-Fi capabilities giving personal and professional growers the ability to track all levels of CO2 in the grow-room wirelessly. 

Our teams innovative technology should be the talk of the show!

MJBIZCON will be featuring the latest trends from the Internet of Things, the continuing evolution in lighting technology, innovative extraction hardware, and grow room automation.  CO2Meter is ready to showcase the latest in grow controllers and safety devices and will be conducting live demonstrations and interactive customer experiences right from the show floor. 

The recent midterm elections demonstrated the continuing wave of state and local legalization efforts increasing the pace and need for innovative products in this ever expanding market.  CO2Meter will continue to be the leaders in nimble product innovation for our customers.

In the past, the challenge to be able to promote an industry such as cannabis cultivation and agricultural application was minimal. Now, there is a platform and a larger than ever community whom understand the plant’s circle of life, the benefits of increased carbon dioxide on the crops and the real importance of a CO2 Monitor & Grow Controller in these environments – which quite frankly, is hard to pass up.

Everyone, everywhere, wants to be apart of the movement and desires to have the proper devices to strive in building larger, more productive greenhouses.  CO2Meter will be there every step of the way to support our customers.

CO2Meter Agriculture Showcase at MJBIZCON

While this year’s cannabis expo includes experts discussing cultivation, business insights, trends across the market and the hottest agriculture products  in the world, CO2Meter's interactive booth #3065 will be the place to visit.

The success of CO2 enrichment is well known across the industry. What sets  CO2Meter apart is that we know the "secret sauce" for both accurate growth management AND safe grow environments.

After you’ve spent thousands of dollars to create the perfect grow environment, only a real-time CO2 Monitor guarantees that your plants are really getting the proper amount of CO2 and that the grower is also properly protected from potential carbon dioxide exposures.

Once you install a CO2 controller and safety monitor you'll have advanced technology right at your fingertips to maximize your yield and protect you and your team.   

Seeing the future of the agricultural community makes us eager to share our continued knowledge and development of agriculture products with the community, cultivators and industry leaders that continue to pave the way for this legendary market.

For more information on CO2Meter and Agriculture Applications, Visit: Here

Attending MJBIZCON 2018? Stop by Booth #3065.

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