CO2Meter Product Reveal Set for MJBIZCON2019!

CO2Meter Booth C519 at MJBIZCON19 Las Vegas

With the U.S. cannabis market set to reach $66.3 billion by 2025, there is no need to explain why CO2Meter's agriculture solutions are currently, at an all time high.

If you are not aware of the real scope of this market, one conference that will truly show you were this industry is in fact going, is MJBIZCON 2019. Recognized as the world's largest showcase exhibition in the indoor agriculture industry, MJBIZCON has become an industry "must go" and "must show".

2019 is the eighth year for the showcase and the event continues to rapidly advance from just a three day event, to now a week-long event bringing in the top leading entrepreneurs and industry experts from around the globe.

The event host, Marijuana Business Daily, a large news blog dedicated to the trends in the global cannabis industry, ensures us however, that this is not just your average agriculture conference.

So What's Special about MJBizCon?

MJBIZCON as the name permits, is all about the business-to-business realm of the cannabis industry, not just small consumer interest. The renowned cannabis conference is solely geared towards presenting its 35,000+ attendees with best practices in cannabis manufacturing, investment, retail, research, legal aide, and top trends related to the billion-dollar market.

With that being said, CO2Meter has every intention to be in on the action marking our 6th year of exhibiting at the showcase!

Having been involved in the cannabis market for over a decade, we take pride in being able to provide best-in-class agriculture products specialized towards carbon dioxide safety and grow control. With tens of thousands of CO2Meter devices being utilized in agriculture worldwide, customers in the cannabis market continue to stand by our devices for use in applications such as greenhouses, grow rooms, cultivation facilities and hydroponic environments.

What to expect from CO2Meter Booth C6519?

True to our mission in providing product solutions that meet the customer’s needs while exceeding their expectations, CO2Meter plans to showcase a new device specifically for the agriculture industry at the upcoming MJBIZCON19.

CO2Meter was especially excited for this release, as we have partnered with GrowFlux, a company who is dedicated towards innovating the agriculture space and promoting the long term of economic and environmental viability of controlled environment for growers.

The partnership further combines CO2Meter's leadership position in CO2 measurement with GrowFlux's technological innovations in designing growth monitoring devices.  This partnership resulted in the release of the Wireless Greenhouse CO2 Sensor.

GrowFlux Wireless CO2 Sensor for Greenhouses, Grow Rooms and Cannabis Customers

Wireless Greenhouse CO2 Sensor

Our cannabis customers have been waiting for a device of this kind, and we are proud to be able to meet their needs in offering a grow monitor. The product, a Wireless Greenhouse CO2 Sensor will precisely monitor up to 10,000 ppm of CO2 levels all while featuring both wireless and cloud-connected capabilities.

With the advancements of this CO2 sensor, customers will now be able to access their grow room data on the go while accurately and precisely monitoring CO2 levels for optimal enrichment.

We are eagerly anticipating the devices technology to be featured at the show, and thought this conference would be the best time to conduct live product demonstrations and interact with customers right on the show floor!

In the past, the challenge to be able to even showcase at such an industry event was minimal.  Now with the changes in overall legalization and expansion in the market it will only continue to grow from here. As will our CO2 solutions. 

Now, more than ever before the lift in the cannabis industry only means keeping an even larger eye on overall growth in crops and revenue. With the benefits of increased carbon dioxide (CO2) on these crops in being able to maximize yields proper monitoring utilzing a CO2 Monitor, Sensor, or Grow Controller is hard to come by.  

While this years MJBIZCON19 is sure to bring an abundance of new educational workshops, seminars and resources - CO2Meter is proud to be a part of it and eager to showcase our newest advancements and technologies.

Once you have the proper CO2 sensor or controller in hand, the opportunities are really at your fingertips to not only maximize yield and profit, but to also ensure that your team and yourself, is safe and protected.

Seeing the expansion of the overall cannabis community overall, has really brought more excitement from our staff and product experts like never before.

We are looking forward to the upcoming conference to not only showcase our products with the world, but to also share our knowledge and resources with those key leaders and cultivators in the market today. 

Planning to attend MJBIZCON19? Stop by and see us in booth #C6519!

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