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Stable Foundation Built for the Future

During the COVID-19 pandemic, every person and business felt the effects of our interconnected economies and daily lives. Social distancing, lost holidays, postponed birthdays, and video chats became the norm in our personal lives.  While reduced hours or job losses, slower sales, and those same video chats were staples of everyday business life too. 

But one thing we have all learned is that personal and professional resilience can enable you and your business to prepare, change, and accelerate to success.

CO2Meter was honored to have been deemed essential by several of our long-term partners in the development and production of medical and laboratory devices and equipment. In addition to our existing business, our operations team was busy creating the assemblies these customers required for their medical and laboratory devices. Customers did not see a change in the level of support, service, or in the quality of our devices over the last 60 days and we are extremely proud of our team's dedication to quality and excellence in every product we manufacture.

Simultaneously, the CO2Meter team was also analyzing our current processes and functions, analyzing our practices, and making process improvement changes to our business. In addition to streamlining some sales and marketing processes and functions, our operations teams made plans to make critical updates and improvements to our RMA and shipping systems. 

Customers may not see the improvements in shipping but they will feel the impacts of lower shipping rates.

Customers needing to return a device will soon find an improved customer-facing system that also streamlines the communication with the customer as well as our team's service levels.

CO2Meter operations have returned to full-service levels including daily shipping and a reopened RMA department.  

What enabled CO2Meter to take these valuable steps during the pandemic was a strong, stable foundation and long-range business planning that set CO2Meter on an outstanding business path from its inception. Combining that stability with a dedicated and engaged employee base is what makes CO2Meter so successful.

CO2Meter continues to work diligently with an eye towards the future - both ours and our customers.  We will continue to utilize the latest in sensing technologies, continue to create best-in-class solutions, and further play a role in ensuring the health, welfare, and safety of our nation.

We appreciate the loyalty of our continued partners and those in the gas detection communities. Stay Safe, and remember #CO2SafetyMatters.

- CO2Meter Staff

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