CO2Meter Launches New CO2 Monitor and Grow Controller

CO2Meter has long been recognized as one of the leading manufacturers  specializing in agriculture applications including high quality grow controllers and monitors for growers worldwide.

For years, the CO2Meter engineering team has created customized monitors and controllers for growers and gardeners, staying on top of the latest trends and technologies in the dramatically emerging cannabis and agricultural markets.

Carbon Dioxide enrichment in grow environment can reap huge benefits because of the gases ability to maximize crop yields without any ill effects on the plant or end consumer.  

Plants combine CO2 with light, water and nutrients in the photosynthetic process.  

Through detailed customer interaction and feedback our team of engineers uniquely understand growers and gardeners needs. 

To meet those needs CO2Meter is launching new technology in their market leading grow controller, the RAD-0501 - Day/Night CO2 Monitor & Grow Controller.

True to the CO2Meter mission in providing product solutions that meet customer's needs while exceeding expectations, CO2Meter is proud to launch this new technology at the nations largest cannabis exposition, MJBIZCON18.

By focusing on the end user, the engineers at CO2Meter were able to identify customer needs and have improved the RAD-0501 giving growers the ability to track and measure CO2 levels in their grow-rooms with enhanced capabilities. 

The current CO2 Monitor and Grow Controller (RAD-0501) is the worlds leading personal grow controller with more than 20,000 devices in market worldwide.   

The advancements in the device takes the RAD-0501 to the next level. 

In creating the new device, CO2Meter was able to use past research and case studies from the agriculture, cannabis cultivation, and hydroponic communities  to create a this "enriched" model with WIF capability.

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