CO2Meter Discusses Zirconia Oxygen Sensor Technologies

CO2Meter Oxy-Flex O2 Oxygen Sensor

In Collaboration with, SST Sensing

Earlier this year CO2Meter announced the release of two additions to our Oxygen Sensor lineup, the Oxy-Flex Oxygen Analyzer and Zirconia Oxygen Sensor System.

In partnering with SST Sensing Ltd, CO2Meter is able to provide customers with the two new oxygen analyzer and sensor system designed for a variety of industrial applications including combustion control, industrial boilers, coal, gas and many others.

All combustion processes require the correct oxygen to fuel ratio as it directly effects boiler efficiency. Too little oxygen results in incomplete combustion creating harmful emissions. Setting the boiler to burn with excess oxygen is the normal solution to reducing emissions. The Zirconium Dioxide oxygen sensors can help customers optimize their boiler combustion efficiency within the oil, coal, gas and biomass boiler market.

Results of incorrect combustion include fuel waste, an increased level of toxic emissions and potentially damaging the combustion system. Environmental and financial impacts can be significant.

Overhead costs of fuel consumption and system value are high in large scale industrial and commercial boilers/furnaces. In order to see the optimal return on investment and minimal running costs the operation must be kept at peak efficiency.

Complete combustion requires the correct ratio of fuel and oxygen. This is optimized and maintained by measuring the output of oxygen level of the exhaust/flue gas by using an oxygen sensor in a closed loop feedback system to a controller for regulating the input mix. This is especially useful when the quality of fuel supplied may vary (i.e. gas from different sources).

Zirconia Sensor System

In supplying SST's Zirconium Dioxide oxygen sensors, we now can help customers to optimize their boiler combustion efficiency. The oxygen sensors have been used to provide a clean burn and reduce harmful emissions in combustion processes for over 25 years. The oxygen sensor is inserted into the boiler flue to monitor the oxygen level, enabling complete control over the boilers oxygen to fuel ratio.

With the Zirconium Dioxide oxygen sensors and integrated electronics, like the OXY-Flex oxygen analyzer, this offers digital or analog industry standard outputs.

Their long life comes from their non-depleting sensor cell technology. No reference gas is required and easy single point calibration can be performed in fresh air or any other known oxygen concentration.

The sensors offer an accurate measurement range (0.1 to 25% O₂ or 0.1 to 100% O₂), and a fast response time from as little as four seconds. Additionally, the sensor is RoHS compliant. Their stainless steel construction gives them the ability to function in combustion processes with extreme operating temperatures (up to 400⁰C), resulting in a rugged, robust, reliable and ready to use solutions.

About SST Sensing Ltd:

SST Sensing Ltd's primary goal is to deliver the required sensing and control solutions to their customers which exactly meet their technical and commercial sensor requirements. This can be achieved through their standard range of sensors or providing customer specific sensor solutions. They have been designing and manufacturing fluid and gas sensing solutions for over 10 years.

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