CO2Meter and GSS Discuss ExplorIR-M Application + Innovation

GSS and CO2Meter ExplorIR-M Case Study

CO2Meter and Gas Sensing Solutions Ltd. have geared together to discuss one of the most innovative sensing technologies, the ExplorIR®-M which is catered to many ground-breaking application studies today.

This sensor specifically uses NDIR LED technology to provide extreme accuracy, reliability, and easy integration for a variety of industries that involve IOT, OEM, and Smart Technologies. 

The introduction of the ExplorIR®-M has resulted in intelligent technologies being produced all around the globe.


ExplorIR®-M CO2 Sensor

Let’s dive into a few customer case studies, shall we?

One full-service cable company in the U.S. who partner with utility companies nationwide uses the most capital-efficient and rejuvenated technologies. This company has integrated the ExplorIR®-M sensor to measure CO2 levels. Their employees handle up to 300 metric tons of carbon dioxide a year.

Another example is a customer who specializes in the food packaging industry. They have been able to create a label which highlights the freshness of a product based on levels of carbon dioxide within the packaging after it has been opened.

The significance of this means that food wastage is minimized, and consumers are given a sense of re-assurance that food is fit for consumption

MAP Application Environment

Talk about success!

Food transportation is another industry where we see the ExplorIR®-M being used.

The ExplorIR®-M is used by a GSS customer to monitor CO2 levels as food is being moved from factories to retail outlets, thus ensuring the product will remain at optimal freshness throughout the journey.

This sensor technology also is truly unique in its ability to provide workplace safety and health assurance, reduce hazards and exposure by measuring high levels of CO2 that could result in occupational injury or fatalities.

A major corporation which focuses on commercial, agriculture, and engineering safety hazards and are responsible for majority of the U.S. states are committed to using the ExplorIR®-M to demonstrate atmospheric CO2 concentrations and the hazards that employees could face without proper awareness to the gas.

The most impressive application of all, stems from Mr. Surbech in Hungary, who works with large public research university in Budapest. The university is using the sensor today to measure CO2 continuously in a closed air loop, coupled by a semipermeable membrane to the water phase.

Surbech stated, “In using the ExplorIR®-M and control by an Arduino Pro Mini, the data is able to be used and transferred to provide exponential research and further our university studies today and in the future.”  

For over a decade both Gas Sensing Solutions and CO2Meter have been providing solutions to a vast number of consumers which continue to trust and stand by their sensing technologies such as the ExplorIR®-M to further lead them to technological and future success.

The ExplorIR®-M can be used in many applications. Its robust and versatile nature makes it perfect in applications where the sensor is exposed to varying degrees of pressure or high vibration. The low power requirements make it ideal for battery powered systems.

We are delighted to be able to provide such state-of-the-art sensor technologies which open new market opportunities, research and successful IOT advancements for several corporations and consumers every day.

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About Gas Sensing Solutions

Gas Sensing Solutions Ltd. (GSS) is a UK-based business specializing in the creation of customized CO2 sensors for a diverse range of applications, including solutions for IoT (Internet of Things) applications across many market sectors. Their market experience includes: scientific, healthcare, horticulture, food processing, diving, transportation, incubation, aerospace, automotive and a variety of diverse industrial safety markets. Visit the GSS website to learn more about their technology here.

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