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CM-7000 Series Firmware Update Adds New Features

CO2Meter's CM-7000 Series System continues to be a "go to" for industry professionals worldwide. The CM-7000 safeguards and protects employees, workers, and establishments around stored, produced, or used CO2 gas while also providing compliance - its an ideal safety solution.

In addition, the CM-7000 series gives the ability to monitor 12+ CO2 sensors from a central 8" touchscreen control panel. This makes it extremely user configurable and easy to integrate for restaurants, breweries, beverage industries, cultivation facilities and many other applications.

With an eye towards our customers requests and a desire to stay current in ever evolving markets CO2Meter's engineering team has recently been working to create a firmware update.

This most recent v2.3.15 firmware update for the CM-7000 series includes new features, capabilities, and enhancements that are required for optimal performance of your system.**

V2.3.15 Mandatory Firmware Update Released 06.02.23

*This firmware updates is required for all CM-7000 sensors to properly operate starting 06.2.23.*

With the latest v2.3.15 firmware for the CM-7000 series, customers are now able to gain updated safety alarm settings, improved UI feedback, and future upgrades for oxygen sensing capabilities.

Additional v2.3.15 and v1.2.5. sensor feature benefits include but are not limited to:

  • Fixes MAC address issues with Version 3 Hardware
  • Fixes Remote Detail Pages Reporting of Relay Status
  • Reports Sensor 24V Output Status
  • Fixes all compatibility issues with new sensors
  • Off-line full alarm status updates
    • updated default alarms will attempt to signal the device even if the device is offline for safety purposes
    • default setting turns on relay 1 (when used with external signaling device, it will alert that a device is offline)
    • Improved audible alarms for offline devices
  • High/Low level cascading alarm functionalities
    • Users now have the ability to customize each alarm level
    • Individuals can only latch alarm level 4 for ease of use
    • Alarm features cannot be turned off in higher alarm levels
      • In order to turn off this feature, you must turn off the lowest level each time
  • Added power switch to remotely power and control 24V accessories
    • *requires updated CO2 Multi Sensor remotes and sensors, available June 2023*
  • Improved UI and UX feedback
    • Confirmation messaging on all user functionality before execution
  • Device discovery updates
    • Gives user feedback on progress of discovery process
    • Devices will appear as they are discovered by the tablet, instead of when devices are checked
    • Device discovery no longer requires user to know device type
    • User manuals have been added with access in the tablet
    • Increased response time with general updates and performance improvements
    • Improved in field calibration and calibration at altitude
      • Ambient calibration to CO2
    • Oxygen additional sensing capabilities {coming fall 2023} 
    • LTE data connector capabilities {coming jan 2024}

      How to Download to the Latest v2.3.15 Firmware?

      To download the latest CM-7000 Series firmware, follow the instructions below:

      OUTDATED: V2.2.23 Firmware Updates - Released 02.21.23

      With the latest v2.2.23 firmware for the CM-7000 series, customers are now able to gain more responsiveness, precise readings, and added relay functionality to their systems.

      Additional v2.2.23 feature benefits include but are not limited to:

      • Sensor page responsiveness with additional devices attached
      • Offline alarm settings feature capability, with limited latch function
        • Flexible viewing capabilities across tablet and sensors
        • Improved mute functions for alarms
          • Mutes CO2 alarm and offline alarms simultaneously
          • Muting relays is no longer an option

        How to Download to the Latest v2.2.23 Firmware?

        To download the latest CM-7000 Series firmware, follow the instructions below:

        Looking for more? You can also watch a step-by-step video tutorial on how-to update your CM-7000 series system to the latest v2.2.23 firmware. 

        Watch the v2.2.23 CM-7000 Firmware Update Video


        If you have any questions or concerns regarding the firmware update, please contact CO2Meter directly for further guidance and support.

        Any CM-7000 Series systems purchased after 02/21/2023 will already have the latest v2.2.23 software installed.

        Further, with the newest release, this ensures that your employees, staff, and customers are not just protected from potential incidents that could occur, but have peace of mind from unexpected hazards that can take place in the workplace.

        *Outdated* V2.03 Updates -  Released 08.24.21

        With the latest software update customers are now able to "group" sensors. This means that by creating a group, settings can be modified for each group instead of on a device-by-device basis. Groups can be named with the number of sensors needed per location or area in their facility.

        Watch the How to Create Groupings Video here.

        How to Create a Groupings Video with the CM-7000

        This new feature also gives the Remote Relay Keyswitch more capabilities and flexibility as well. For instance, adding a CM-7002 relay to a "group" now allows the user the ability to control fans, solenoid valves, or any other accessory that needs to be actuated with a switchable relay.

        CM-7003 Reset Unit for CM-7000 CO2 Multi Sensor System

        CM-7002 - Remote Relay Key Switch

        These remote relay key switch units can also be individually controlled on a per group basis and will not have any effect on any of the other groups, sensors or relays.

        According to Robert Miller, Chief Engineer at CO2Meter, "Grouping has been a very common feature request. This update will provide users with the ability to group individual sensors in areas as well as view these groups to better identify coverage or potential hazards. In addition, remote relays can be programmed to be normally active with the relays closed, and then opened when in alarm, or normally inactive with the relays open, then closed during an alarm." 

        Additional feature updates: 

        • Add Groups
        • Add or Remove Devices to Groups
        • Create Highly Customized and Individual Settings for each Group
        • Add Remote Relay Key Switch units to Groups to add Relay Controls to Groups in order to turn on / off fans, solenoids, etc.
        • Flexible Viewing between Sensors and Groups screens
        • View All Sensors in one centralized screen
        • When sensor is in alarm, screen will auto scroll to that sensor
        • View All Groups to view Group Alarm Status
        • Same recognizable color scheme with Green to Red to visualize see if a room or group is safe to enter
        • View a Group’s Sensors

        Why CO2 Safety System Firmware Updates?

        These most recent changes are part of our commitment to further the advancement of gas detection solutions and to innovate and excel in both new and existing industries that utilize our gas detection technologies.

        If you have further questions or concerns regarding this update, please contact us at: Sales@CO2Meter.com or Support2@CO2Meter.com.

        You can also call us directly at: 877-678-4259.

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