Supplies CO2 Safety Monitors for Dry Ice Vaccination Sites

CO2 dry ice vaccine COVID19

CO2 safety monitors used for for COVID-19 vaccine transportation with dry ice.

CO2Meter has long been recognized as a leader in providing CO2 safety resources and gas detection solutions, worldwide. With the increased demand for dry ice (solid carbon dioxide) for the COVID-19 vaccine, it is no surprise that CO2Meter got involved. We partnered with a national pharmacy chain to keep their customers and employees safe from the potential hazardous effects for CO2 exposure from the dry ice that is keeping the COVID-19 vaccines cold.

Dry ice is frozen carbon dioxide. As it "melts" it changes directly from a solid to a gas. In an enclosed truck or store room, the CO2 levels can become dangerous.

A national pharmacy chain contacted CO2Meter on December 1st asking about devices to detect the release of CO2 when dry ice sublimates. The chain needed more than 800 safety monitors to be distributed to the first vaccine administration facilities on short notice. CO2Meter provided them with a CO2 safety monitor that is easy to install and that will detect the gas even at very low levels. The device will alarm and alert staff to possible CO2 exposure if the build-up of the gas exceeds the OSHA mandated set points for safety.

The COVID vaccine must be shipped and stored near -80F for it to maintain its efficacy. To do so required Pfizer's vacine, their shipping partners, and the  storage facilities to use dry ice to maintain these low temperatures.

“CO2Meter is delighted to have the opportunity to participate in the safe distribution and administration of the COVID-19 vaccine," said Travis Lenander, CO2Meter CEO.

"Keeping customers and staff safe at the administration site is not only something our business is designed to do but something we are proud of as it helps the nation overall,” he added.


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