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CO2Meter Safety Customer Insight

CO2Meter continues to forge great customer and partner relationships with a variety of utilities solution providers, like Huntsville Utilities. 

Huntsville Utilities prides itself on operational efficiency and customer service, by providing the best interest of utilities to their customers within the Alabama state status. 

HU offers a wide range of services for both commercial and resident environments, which range from electricity, natural gas, and water solutions. 

Huntsville Utilities is based in Huntsville, Alabama and has catered to the Huntsville and Madison counties for over 75 years, serving nearly 180,000 electric, 93,000 water and 51,000 natural gas customers.

Huntsville Utilities continues to stand by CO2Meter safety monitors and technologies to ensure CO2 safety among their customers who are worried and concerned about their overall safety and poor indoor air quality.

CO2Meter recently interviewed Bradley Lyon, Lead Energy Advisor at HU, to discuss the importance of gas safety monitoring.

CO2Meter: Tell us more about HU and your industry. How did you get started, and what is your main mission?

Bradley: "I have currently worked for the local utility company in the Energy Services Dept and our main mission is to assist residential customers with key solutions, energy savings, and improved indoor air quality."

CO2Meter: What are HU's field speciality areas?

Bradley: "We specialize in New Home Energy Compliance, Energy Audits, and Low Income Energy Assistance Programs."

CO2Meter: In your experience, what has been the biggest advent/change in your industry recently? What has been the most important need from your customers?

Bradley: "The biggest change in the industry has really stemmed from combining indoor air quality with our existing programs".

CO2Meter: Tell us about your experience with CO2 and NH3 monitors, as well as the overall requests from customers as well as inspectors?

Bradley: "We launched a pilot program where are team tests air quality, we implement energy and air quality measures and then retest air quality for improvement. 

CO2Meter: Why did you choose CO2Meter as a CO2 Safety Provider, and utilized them for your business?

Bradley: "CO2Meter really provided a reasonably priced piece of equipment that  tests everything we needed in one device". - CO2Meter, CM-507 Carbon Dioxide and Ammonia Multi Gas Detector.

CO2Meter: Are your customers concerned more about compliance, safety or cost when it comes to installing the monitors or using handheld devices?

Bradley: "I would say our customers are more worried about safety and negative health effects related to the indoor air quality" . 

CO2Meter: Has anyone in your company, or those around you experienced any unfortunate CO2 exposure incidents?

Bradley: "Yes. Before I used the meter in the field, I tested it in our office. The device was logging high CO2 levels from around noon until close of business in our area. I notified facilities management who understood the seriousness of the issue and started looking into the problem. Our facilities team found a fire damper that had malfunctioned in the fresh air duct and did not reopen after a fire alarm. After the damper was repaired it only took a short time for the CO2 to drop down to proper safety levels (400ppm). Without your meter, this problem could have gone for days, even weeks, undetected. 

CO2Meter: What do the next 18 months to 3 years look like in your field?

Bradley:"Our team will continue to combine air quality data, safety measurements and energy saving measures with our programs. We are looking forward to gathering more data to implement the best measures for our customers and secure more funding to address the negative effects of poor indoor air quality". 

CO2Meter: How do you maintain your high standards of work across such a broad geographic area?

Bradley:"We want to gather the most accurate data possible using the data logging capabilities of your CO2Meters. We are using these devices in the homes of the less fortunate in our services area to hopefully improve their quality of life and lower utility costs"

In addition to the partnership with Huntsville Utilities, CO2Meter has several key supplier partnerships all whom have found our wearable, and personal gas monitoring products a huge factor when it comes to protection in the field and safety for their customers.

We continue to ensure that we provide the highest quality gas detection devices, education and technological advancements in order to assist our customer's and supplier's needs! 

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