CO2 Safety in Breweries

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At the Craft Brewers Conference in Washington D.C. in April one of our customers mentioned that “everyone walking this show floor has either passed out because of CO2 or knows someone who has.  It’s the dirty secret of all brewers”. My reply was “why is it a secret?”

The sad truth is our customer was right in two respects: it is a secret and it happens to almost everyone at some point.

Everyone in brewing knows that the CO2 levels are highest at the fermentation and brite tanks during a purge or cleaning. Visuals of CO2 pouring out of tanks and filling up the brewhouse floor are not uncommon in the industry. 

The other “hot spot” is in the walk in cooler if you are serving draft on-site. Incorrectly connected kegs, loose fittings, and dinged lines can all cause CO2 to fill up your walk in. More than one brewer has luckily “fallen out of the cooler” instead of passing out inside.

Now the new fire codes are adding a third area of concern: bulk CO2 storage tanks.  New fire codes require a CO2 monitor at the storage tanks.

While we all know this is the least likely place in a brewery to have a leak it is starting to be enforced.

Protecting your and your employees safety is something CO2Meter takes seriously.  We have worked with hundreds of brewers and winemakers to create devices that stand up to the rigors of fermentation while still providing the necessary level of scientific accuracy required.

Knowing that the new fire codes were coming we developed a package for brewers and winemakers that we rolled out at this years CBC – a 3 pack of monitors with a free handheld device. This allows even the "craftiest" of small brewers to insure the three critical areas for monitoring and provides an added level of safety with the portable unit. Call our sales department at (386) 872-7665, mention you are a craft brewer and ask about this offer.

While our expertise is CO2 detection and monitoring we know that you will recognize our involvement in the brewing and winemaking world and our commitment not only to educating you about CO2 and monitoring but to you educating our team about what you want and need.  We pride ourselves on our expertise and responsiveness.

Posted by CO2 Meter on May 26, 2017.
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