CO2 Level Controller and Algae

co2 level algae production

Bob Mroz, President of HY-TEK Bio, was looking for a way to monitor carbon dioxide levels in his photo bio-reactors used to grow algae.

Photo bio-reactors are basically 20 foot tall test tubes. Each bio-reactor contains about 1,800 gallons of algae, liquid waste and CO2. The algae consumes the carbon dioxide and liquid waste in a controlled environment under LED grow lights. Once the algae has filled the bio-reactor, it is drained off and dried.

Why algae? Hy-TEK has found a specific strain of fresh-water algae that consumes both liquid waste products (like high-phosphorous poultry farm runoff) and carbon dioxide. Due to its high lipid oil content, the mature algae can be made into pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, animal feed or many other products. The goal is to place photo bio-reactors next to waste water treatment plants, power plants or factory farms and use the waste generated as new profit centers. A review of the system's cost vs.value was featured on WAMU Public radio.

To monitor the CO2 levels, Bob started with our CM-0045 30% CO2 Level Controller. He picked up a Windows10 Tablet up at Micro Center for $79 and plugged the CO2 controller into the USB port on the tablet. Using our GasLab software, within minutes he was able to see the CO2 levels in the photo bio-reactors in real time.

Bob says the next step will be to add a small 4-port USB hub to run four CO2 Level Controllers for concurrent CO2 readings.

We’re glad we were able to help Bob and HY-TEK Bio, and look forward to watching their continued success in the future.

Posted by CO2 Meter on January 17, 2017.
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