CM-7000 CO2 Multi Sensor System Update Adds New Features

CO2Meter's CO2 Multi Sensor System provides the ability to monitor 12 or more gas sensors from a central 8" touchscreen control panel. This makes it the perfect safety solution for restaurants, breweries, beverage industries, cultivation facilities and many more applications.

The most recent version includes new features, capabilities, and enhancements  that provide even greater flexibility than before.

CO2 Multi Sensor System V.2.03 Changes

With the latest software update customers are now able to "group" sensors. This means that by creating a group, settings can be modified for each group instead of on a device-by-device basis. Groups can be named with the number of sensors needed per location or area in their facility.

Watch the How to Create Groupings Video here.

How to Create a Groupings Video with the CM-7000

This new feature also gives the Remote Relay Keyswitch more capabilities and flexibility as well. For instance, adding a CM-7002 relay to a "group" now allows the user the ability to control fans, solenoid valves, or any other accessory that needs to be actuated with a switchable relay.

CM-7003 Reset Unit for CM-7000 CO2 Multi Sensor System

CM-7002 - Remote Relay Key Switch

These remote relay key switch units can also be individually controlled on a per group basis and will not have any effect on any of the other groups, sensors or relays.

According to Robert Miller, Chief Engineer at CO2Meter, "Grouping has been a very common feature request. This update will provide users with the ability to group individual sensors in areas as well as view these groups to better identify coverage or potential hazards. In addition, remote relays can be programmed to be normally active with the relays closed, and then opened when in alarm, or normally inactive with the relays open, then closed during an alarm." 

Additional feature updates: 

  • Add Groups
  • Add or Remove Devices to Groups
  • Create Highly Customized and Individual Settings for each Group
  • Add Remote Relay Key Switch units to Groups to add Relay Controls to Groups in order to turn on / off fans, solenoids, etc.
  • Flexible Viewing between Sensors and Groups screens
  • View All Sensors in one centralized screen
  • When sensor is in alarm, screen will auto scroll to that sensor
  • View All Groups to view Group Alarm Status
  • Same recognizable color scheme with Green to Red to visualize see if a room or group is safe to enter
  • View a Group’s Sensors

How to Update to the CM-7000 Software

CM-7000 CO2 Multi Sensor System


All previous customers should contact CO2Meter directly for instructions on updating their devices. We will provide the software update on a standard USB drive that can be inserted into the CM-7000 in order to download the latest software on your device.

Any CM-7000 CO2 Multi Sensor Systems purchased after 06/27/2021 will already have the new software installed.

With the newest release, CO2Meter relied on feedback from users and industry partners. This ensures that employees and customers are not just protected, but are also provided with an easy to use, customizable, and truly unique solution. 

These most recent changes are part of our commitment to further the advancement of gas detection solutions, and to innovate and excel in both new and existing industries that utilize our sensing technologies.

Questions? Contact us at: or call 877-678-4259.

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