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The Best Tech Gifts for the Holiday 2022

co2meter holiday gift guide 

With the holidays upon us the one thing on everyone's mind is often: gifts.

If you’re like most of us, the challenge to finding the perfect gift around the holidays can end up being, well, somewhat of a challenge. Especially if the person you are searching for seems to just about have it all.

Whether you're a "shop early" type of person or one that's simply looking for ideas, now's the time to get the inside scoop on the perfect gift for that tech-savvy family member, colleague, child, or friend.

At CO2Meter, we know that tech is only becoming more and more prominent and integrated within our daily lives, and for the tech enthusiast in your life, a tech gift can be a thoughtful option this holiday season.

To make your gift decision easier this year, CO2Meter has put together a list below of some tech-trendy, cost-effective, and compact options that almost anyone could enjoy (including yourself). 

An added bonus? Many of these gift ideas can also help protect your loved ones by creating healthier indoor air environments, boosting comfort, increasing productivity, and even reducing pet or house odors.

Our Top 5 Tech Gifts for 2022

1. HEPA Vacuum

HEPA Vacuum

One of the top trends of 2022 has undoubtedly become focused around lifestyle and home technologies. With the continued wish on everyone's list being "eliminating the stress of house cleaning". But when you think about it, a clean look isn't always easy when you work a full-time job, have a family, and have other demands outside of caring for your home as a top priority.

With that being said, we couldn't think of a better gift than the HEPA vacuum.

Vacuums have become a truly practical, thoughtful, and incredibly useful gift for the holidays. And, this HEPA vacuum is top on our list for its outstanding reviews, affordable price point, and ability to save many "sneezes" thanks to its certified HEPA filter

2. Alexa Compatible Smart WiFi Light Bulbs

Alexa Compatible Smart Light Bulbs

Our second top tech gift has to be the Alexa Compatible Smart Light Bulbs.

With lifestyle and home efficiency in mind, there is no easier way to start building a smarter home than with bulbs like these. No more getting out of bed to hit the light switch - now, you can gift someone the ability to control the lights, set timers, and change colors with any smartphone or voice control assistant.

These Smart Light Bulbs are also incredibly easy to install and also can save energy for any home due to their low wattage and control settings.

Our favorite feature? With these smart light bulbs you can use group control whether you are home or away for your entire house - great for plants, pets, and more!

3. Air Purifiers

Blue Air Purifier

This leads us to our third top tech gift – the Blueair Blue Pure Air Purifier

For the past few years, air purifiers are becoming more and more popular and fundamental in our homes because they are improving individuals health by reducing allergens, capturing bacteria, and promoting productivity. To us, air purifiers make a fantastic gift as they are mighty in tech performance, cost-effective, and can reduce air-borne contaminants with ease.

This device in particular is incredibly durable, top-ranked in performance and is perfect for any home, playroom, office, or hobbyist. In addition, most air purifiers are incredibly quiet, hold plug and play capabilities, and simply require a filter change every 6 months for maintenance. 

4. Smart Plants

When it comes to other tech-savvy gifts this year, we couldn't think of a better gift than this trending Smart Garden 3 by Click and Grow. 

For those lifestyle and home tech enthusiasts, the smart garden is the perfect choice for tech lovers and those that are looking for a low maintenance planting option this year. The Smart Garden 3 provides an innovative indoor garden for your home that cares for itself and grows fresh flavorful herbs, fruits, and vegetables for you. It also provides an app to make you a true plant expert and can also serve value to your home by eliminating mold, chemicals, and humidity for your indoor space.

Bear the fruits of your labor with low maintenance and no real "plant knowledge" required! 

5. Indoor Air Quality Monitor

Aranet4 HOME Indoor Air Quality Monitor


Of course, they save the best for last and what kind of company would we be if we didn't recommend one of our own products?

The fifth and final top tech gadget of 2022 we had to highlight is the Aranet 4 HOME Indoor Air Quality Monitor.

This monitor is super compact, affordable, and most importantly allows any user the ability to monitor CO2, Temperature, Relative Humidity, and Barometric Pressure levels in any indoor air environment. However, what makes this gadget truly unique, is that you can take it "on-the-go" checking any room you enter (car, airplane, shopping center, restaurant, bar) and instantly know the quality of the air you breathe at your fingertips.

With the holiday season, always comes the most indoor air pollutants. You might not want or be able to eliminate them, but you can act to counteract their effects with an indoor air quality monitor. What's more is that the Aranet4 HOME holds wireless connectivity, so you can connect the monitor to your smartphone with the Aranet4 app (iOS or Android) to configure the device and view levels in real-time. 

My favorite feature? Having an indoor air quality monitor means you can keep your air safe - you know when to ventilate the space and you can create healthier living environments for yourself, your family, and your holiday visitors, too.

To learn more about the importance of monitoring indoor air quality, click here.

We hope this best tech gift guide has been both helpful and informative in bringing you more insight for this upcoming holiday season.

For more information on CO2Meter or indoor air quality devices, visit our website at co2meter.com, or call a CO2Meter expert at 877-678-4259

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