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The Importance of IAQ and CO2 Monitoring

Rechargeable CO2 Monitor

The term "Indoor Air Quality" (IAQ) is interpreted broadly, however there are many problems with indoor air quality when it comes to our overall health and Carbon Dioxide (CO2), which we inhale each and everyday.

Fun Fact? The average person emits approximately 275,915 ppm of CO2. 

But what does this mean.

If CO2 is naturally something we as humans emit, what's wrong with that number?

The answer is high levels of CO2, can be extremely harmful and dangerous.

While the body can get rid of a majority of excess CO2, too much exposure can lead to headaches, confusion, fatigue, impaired cognitive skills, and in some cases lead to death. 

While many individuals find their concern with IAQ related with asthma, allergies, or dust particles in the air, a main factor that is just as important is the amount of CO2 found in the atmosphere.

The good news is, there are solutions available to help effectively and efficiently monitor the carbon dioxide levels to properly ventilate a variety of indoor environments and create an overall healthier lifestyle.

Many individuals have used the Rechargeable CO2 Monitor and Data Logger (XT-10) which is designed to monitor and record CO2 levels, with the ability to assure proper IAQ levels in any home, school, office or poorly ventilated buildings.

The need to solve the lack of proper ventilation in a variety of environments  - is crucial.

Before you decide exactly what Indoor Air Quality monitor may be best suited for your application, feel free to talk to an expert today - Sales@CO2Meter.com who can help associate the perfect device for your industry and environment setting.

Thankfully, there is a solution for proper IAQ monitoring which can dramatically improve health, comfort, productivity and your overall well being.

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