Visit us at the AHR Expo in Orlando Feb. 3-5

AHR Expo 2019

Since 1930, the AHR Expo has been titled “The world’s largest HVACR marketplace", attracting manufacturers and industry leaders from around the globe who are all looking to gain a glimpse at the future in HVAC technologies.

From facility operators, engineers, contractors, architects, and OEM's, the AHR Expo is an event you don’t want to miss out on and CO2Meter plans to be a part of it!

This year, the AHR Expo will be held in Orlando, FL at the Orange County Convention Center and will be co-sponsored by ASHRAE and AHRI. These associations have endorsed many industry leading organizations, and plan to orchestrate a new ASHRAE learning institute course followed by more than 50 free related seminars right on the Orlando show floor.

Having a specialized focus on ASHRAE standards, and being a main supplier to the HVAC industry, CO2Meter will be participating in their 11th year at the AHR 2020. This year however, CO2Meter also will be proud to announce a highly anticipated, new product release specifically for Indoor Air Quality professionals and consumers.  

From CO2 desktop monitors, Fixed Wall-Mounted devices and Handheld units, the team at CO2Meter is constantly innovating and advancing in this incredibly revolving marketplace, and most of what is learned comes from gaining key feedback from those industry leaders right on the show floor. 

With the upcoming launch of the new IAQ desktop monitor and data logger (IAQ-MAX), it will provide users with the ability to measure and record carbon dioxide, temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure as well as include real-time data analysis, all from an easy to use, modern, LCD display.

With such air demands continuing to being set forth by ASHRAE, individuals are aware of the standards that have been put in place and Carbon Dioxide (CO2) monitors will continue to be the ideal solution to solve the poor indoor air quality solution.

There are a variety of unique products, dependent upon overall application and these range from handheld, desktop or fixed wall mounted preferences – yet, all can easily detect above normal CO2 levels and provide the "fresh air" solution for those modern, poorly ventilated and sealed indoor environments.

The benefits of incorporating a CO2 Monitor or CO2 Sensor – are endless.

Everyone essentially in the “modern age" is also eager to incorporate the next innovative technology, create an overall healthier lifestyle and improve their energy efficiency as much as possible. 

The WiFi Indoor Air Quality Monitor, is just one of the leading indoor air quality sensing solutions, which will be showcased. 

Will you be attending the AHR EXPO 2020 this February 3-5 in Orlando, FL?

Experience the future of breathing easy, saving energy, and making the world a better place - Visit us in CO2Meter Booth #155.

For more information on CO2Meter and Indoor Air Quality/HVAC applications,  Visit our Product Showcase: Here.

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