COZIR Sensor Mounted on UAV Monitors CO2 Levels in Wildfires

cozir sensor on uav in flightA wildfire can pump tons of carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide into the atmosphere. As forest fires devour trees and other plants, they release the carbon stored in the vegetation. However, the amount of CO and CO2 released depends on the material being burned.

That’s why researchers used our 10,000ppm COZIR CO2 sensor mounted on a UAV to measure carbon dioxide released during peat land fires in Indonesia.

cozir sensor on uavHere’s what Guido van der Werf, Faculty of Earth and Life Sciences at VU University Amsterdam told us about the project:

"For a EU project, we have carried out a number of flights with a UAV to measure the ratio between CO2 and CO emitted in fires in Indonesia. This metric is important for us to constrain emissions from Indonesia using satellite data. Indonesian fires have unique characteristics because they often occur in peat lands.
Our technician Ron Lootens combined the COZIR sensor with a wireless data link so that we could immediately see the results while flying.
We calibrated the sensors with a Picarro analyzer which costs about 500 times as much as the COZIR sensor and were pleasantly surprised about the performance of the COZIR sensor."

As researchers around the globe look for more accurate ways to measure CO2 levels in outdoor air, we are proud to be part of these ongoing projects.

Posted by CO2 Meter on October 08, 2013.
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