CO2 Meter Data Loggers Used by Researchers Worldwide


Most articles about CO2 in the atmosphere are usually linked to the idea of “global warming.” Yet there are many reasons to measure CO2 levels besides weather change. In fact, our portable Environmental Data Loggers are used by scientists who need to record daily CO2 levels over weeks or months for a variety of projects.

For example, Spanish researchers are using our data loggers in caves to determine if sudden changes in CO2 levels might provide an even earlier warning system for earthquakes. Other scientists are studying the correlation of CO2 levels in caves with the growth of stalactites and stalagmites to reconstruct early climate history. We even provide data loggers to cave owners who need to know if sudden spikes of carbon dioxide occur that might endanger cave divers or tourists.

CO2 in the soil is being studied too. For example, we supply data loggers for government studies in CO2 ground leaching. Data loggers are placed in a plastic dome open only to the soil, then several loggers are spread across a large area. Using this technique, researchers are looking for correlations between decomposition of organic matter in the soil and other variables from soil fertility to composting rates to the likelihood of forest fires.

Because carbon dioxide is a naturally occurring gas, it is amazing to think of all the ways it impacts our lives. Here at, we’re constantly learning new applications for our products from clients, and using that information to offer even better products in the future.

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