Joins International Beverage Dispensing Equipment Association has joined the International Beverage Dispensing Equipment Association (IBDEA). IBDEA is a non-profit trade association representing companies that sell, lease, rent, manufacture and service beverage dispensing equipment and supplies.

"the IBDEA is a leader in promoting carbon dioxide storage safety nationally," said Ray Hicks, President of "For example, they developed the Bulk CO2 Safety Guidelines for remote CO2 storage. These guidelines are used by manufacturers servicing CO2 storage tanks at thousands of restaurants nationwide. This kind of pro-active, voluntary, yet comprehensive industry best-practices should be a model for other organizations, and it is one we're proud to support."

IBDEA was formed in 1971 as the National Soda Dispensing Equipment Association when a group of businessmen decided it was in their best interests to share common information and approach industry-wide problems - focusing on resolutions for the advancement and furtherance of the beverage dispensing equipment industry. Over time the Association's name was changed to the International Beverage Dispensing Equipment Association to encompass all beverages and to acknowledge IBDEA's members operating throughout the world.

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