FOXX Equipment Supplies CO2 Products

Foxx Equipment of Kansas City, MO and Denver, CO will supply products like the pSense handheld meter and the iSense Remote CO2 Storage Safety Alarm into the beverage dispensing equipment market.

Foxx Equipment serves the midwest with the largest inventory of beverage dispensing parts and products including beer tap systems, soda machines and line cleaning products, 

Foxx (Denver) opened in 1975, in an old mercantile warehouse, near Coors Baseball Field. Originally they catered to soft drink bottlers, beer distributors, and carbonic providers. Since then, they have grown to a fully stocked facility for all types of beverage dispensing equipment, including the rapidly growing Home Brew Industry. In addition, they now manufacture most of our own stainless steel drip pans, cold plate boxes, and remote beer conduit at their 11,000 sq. ft. facility.

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