Package Forwarding Service Can Benefit International Clients

Many of our international clients use package forwarding companies to save on shipping and customs fees.

For international clients who shop online at US stores, shipping can be expensive. Then, as each order arrives at the border, there are customs fees, import duties and brokerage fees to be paid for each package delivered, regardless of value or size.

Package forwarding services solve this problem by providing a US address where all your packages are shipped. They put all your packages into a single box for final shipment overseas.

For example, when checking out at, you would choose a low-cost domestic shipping rate. The forwarding service provides you with a US postal address to use at checkout. Once all of your packages arrive at their US facility, they re-pack them into a single box, and ship it to you. Because of their large volume of shipments, package forwarding services can offer discount shipping rates for UPS, FedEx and DHL.

While our international shipping rates are competitive, the ability to combine packages from several vendors could save you hundred of dollars.

Top-rated package forwarding services in the US include, and In addition, several of our Russian clients have had success using for their overseas shipping. Each of these services have different prices depending on your needs, so you should review all of them before you make a decision.

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