Algae-Based BioFuel Growing Petroleum Add-In Market

One of the most interesting developments in renewable energy is the potential for algae-based biofuel as an alternative to petroleum-based fuel sources. At, we've had the opportunity to work with many people in this industry as they work to maximize algae production with controlled carbon dioxide. For example, our CO2 Sample Draw Meter is used to measure CO2 in inaccessible areas like vertical photo bio-reactors (clear PVC towers).

But can algae replace petroleum-based fuel? Not today, although the industry is growing. This report (PDF) from the Algae Biomass Organization details the future growth potential of this industry.

Here are some other examples: a California-based company Solazyme is currently running a pilot program to make a 80% diesel fuel / 20% biofuel mix available to the public in San Francisco. In addition, the US Navy is currently using algae-based bio-fuel mix in its fleet. 

With new technologies like vertical photo bio-reactors that minimize land, water and nutrient requirements, algae-based biofuels have the potential to become one of several alternative fuel sources we come to depend on in the years ahead.

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