CO2 in Food Packaging on Rise at PACKExpo 2012

Pack Expo CO2 Meter boothThe PACKExpo Trade Show in Chicago was a great opportunity to see many examples of how carbon dioxide is used in the food packaging industry. In addition to modified atmosphere packaging applications, we saw producers using CO2 for flash freezing, for pest control, for faster plant growth cycles, and even for cleaning machinery using frozen CO2 spray. 

In addition, we were pleasantly surprised to see many of our clients at the show. It gave us an opportunity to speak with them at length, and to learn how CO2 was a particular benefit to their operations. 

clarkston grain co2 storageFor example, Rick Bucker at Clarkston Grain explained to us how he was using a custom system built around our iSense 100% CO2 + 25% O2 Monitor Logger to monitor grain storage specialty organic corn used in food processing. By shipping bug free corn without using chemical pesticides, Clarkston was able to charge a premium for corn used in organic blue corn chips. 

Another client, Darrell Joseph from Bella Verdi Greens explained to us that he used two of our high-accuracy pSense hand-held meters to monitor CO2 levels for a controlled atmosphere gardening application. By experimenting with increased CO2 levels, he was able to cut the growth time of leafy vegetables by one-third. 

But perhaps the most exciting opportunity we had at PACKExpo was that it gave us the ability to share with several hundred people the many ways CO2 could benefit their businesses. We look forward to working with many of them in the upcoming months, and seeing them again at PACKExpo in 2013.

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