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pSense Budget Data Logger

Posted by Mark Lemon on

We get lots of calls asking us to explain the difference between our CM-0016 data logger and the pSense CO2 Meter. They both monitor CO2, temperature and relative humidity, they are both hand-held, both battery operated, and both include an LCD display.

The difference is that the CM-0018 is an “untethered” data logger. This means that the unit has its own built-in memory. You turn the CM-0016 on, set it in a room, and come back a day, a week, or a month later. All the readings are stored in memory. You plug the CM-0018 into your laptop PC, download the data, and save it as a graph or a spreadsheet file.

The pSense is a “tethered” data logger. To save costs, the pSense does not have any internal memory. To use the pSense in data logger mode, you must first plug the unit into your PC, start the software, and record the air quality levels directly to your hard drive.

If you need to monitor air quality over more than a few hours or if you don’t want to leave your laptop running, you should consider the CM-0016. If you need to spot check indoor air quality and only need a data logger occasionally, the pSense is more cost effective.

If you need the untethered capability of the CM-0016, but the price of the pSense, consider the CM-0018. It works just like the CM-0016, but without a real-time LCD display, costs about the same as a pSense tethered data logger.

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