CO2 Data Loggers Compared

Many clients ask us to recommend a meter that either 1.) measures CO2 or other gas levels instantly, or 2.) monitors CO2 levels and does something if they get too low or too high. 

However, a third group of users like scientists or indoor air quality analysts need the ability to read CO2, O2, CO, temperature and %RH levels, then record them to be read later. For these clients, a data logger is only solution. 

Data loggers automate the process of taking measurements over time and writing them down. For example, while you could manually log CO2 levels with paper and pencil for an hour or so, imagine having to record the data every hour - on the hour - for several days. Or imagine having to record gas levels every second for an entire day. Imagine the errors you’d make and how tired you'd be! The ability to accurately record gas levels and save them for later analysis is what makes a data logger so useful.

However, since each client’s needs are unique, we offer several different models:

portable data logger

Our most popular model is the CM-0018 1% CO2 + RH/T Data Logger. It is used by IAQ specialists and consultants to record changes in indoor air quality over time. The data is downloaded from the meter’s built-in memory chip to a PC, and then graphed. These graphs are used to determine whether the building has indoor air quality problems, especially common in older buildings or schools. The CM-0016 is similar in design to the CM-0018, but has an LCD display.

For IAQ specialists working in potentially high CO2 areas like breweries or CO2 storage areas, we offer the CM-0017 30% CO2 data logger. With an LCD display and loud alarm, this unit doubles as both a data logger and an IAQ safety monitor. A low-cost version without an LCD display is also available.

For clients who need to measure high levels of CO2, we offer a line of 1 to 100% CO2 sampling data loggers. These models use a built-in micro pump that lets you measure CO2 in remote spaces or closed systems. This makes them valuable for monitoring fermentation, biological incubators, modified atmosphere packaging, grain storage mold detection and many other processes.

For clients on a budget, we offer our pSense Portable CO2 Meter with optional data logger kit. In order to keep costs low, the pSense does not have internal memory. Instead, it must be plugged into a laptop PC running the pSense software in order to record CO2, temperature and humidity levels.

Our lowest price data logger is the USB Probe. Like the pSense, this CO2 level monitor must also be plugged into a laptop PC to record CO2 levels. Because of its low price, the probe is perfect for school science fair projects or science class experiments.
Posted by CO2 Meter on June 18, 2012.
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