CO2Meter, Inc. to Present at MBAA Brewers Expo

Educational session on the science of carbon dioxide and CO2 safety in breweries

CO2Meter, Inc. will be providing an educational session on carbon dioxide gas, and how to monitor it to the Master Brewers Association of the Americas (MBAA) at their 2015 Conference and Exhibition October 8-10 in Jacksonville, FL. In addition, they will exhibit at the expo in booth 512.

While the number of breweries has been dramatically increasing in the last decade so have CO2 related injuries and fatalities. However, with the advent of new sensor technology detecting and monitoring for CO2 safety has become more cost effective as well. The MBAA recognized that some industry expertise and guidance on how to best protect employees, guests, and emergency first-responders would be a valuable addition to the education seminars provided at the conference.

“CO2Meter is honored to be asked to talk about the science of CO2, and how to monitor the gas,” said Josh Pringle, Director of Marketing & Sales of CO2Meter, Inc.

“The members of the MBAA are the scientists of the brewing industry. They want to understand and control every input and output in their processes. I cannot think of a better group of seminar attendees to speak with,” he added.

With reported CO2 exposure incidents on the rise state and local fire marshals are creating new ordinances and safety regulations to monitor all businesses that use stored CO2. The regulations are designed to warn building occupants before CO2 levels become hazardous indoors. High levels of CO2 can result in dizziness, faintness, and in extreme conditions unconsciousness or death. Breweries have three main areas to monitor for: stored CO2 tanks, fermentation vessels, and cold storage.

“Brewers already understand the science of CO2 in the brewing process. My goal is to share the importance of CO2 safety,” said Pringle.

Carbon dioxide is a natural byproduct of the brewing process. As the yeast feeds on sugar, it produces alcohol and CO2. However, in modern breweries CO2 from high-pressure storage tanks may be added to beer after fermentation to increase carbonation, to pressurize beer dispensing lines, or to sterilize brewing equipment. If CO2 is not monitored throughout the process, an accidental leak could result in dangerously high levels of CO2 in an enclosed area.

About the Master Brewers Association of the Americas

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About CO2Meter, Inc.

CO2Meter, Inc. is an Ormond Beach, FL based business that designs, manufactures and distributes carbon dioxide and other gas detectors, monitors, and sensors used in food and beverage, scientific, medical, horticultural, and HVAC industries. Website:

Posted by CO2 Meter on September 28, 2015.
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