CO2Meter Joins MBAA, Shares focus of Brewery Safety

CO2Meter has joined the Master Brewers Association of the Americas (MBAA).

The MBAA is the leading technical organization in the fermentation world today. It offers an opportunity to interact with other industry professionals and to learn practical solutions, resourceful safeguards, and innovative technologies to the craft brewing industry.

MBAA Membership is comprised of professionals in the brewing and allied industries, as well as students currently pursuing technical or scientific training to enter the brewing industry.

“Everywhere you go to learn about the craft brewing industry, the MBAA is there,” said Josh Pringle, Director of Marketing for CO2Meter, Inc.

“Their best-in-class resources like publications, white papers and brewing industry news is second to none. We had to be involved,” he added.

Like the MBAA, CO2Meter has been on the forefront of educating the brewing industry about the importance of CO2 safety. CO2 is not only used in breweries in compressed tank form, but is a natural byproduct of the fermentation process.

“Our experience in the craft brewing industry tells us that these brewing artists know all the inputs they want to control for like oxygen and CO2 but they don’t necessarily know the technical side of gas measurement.  We joined the MBAA, are exhibiting at the Expo in Jacksonville, FL in October, and providing an educational seminar at the expo because we want to share our technical expertise with these masters of brewing”, added Pringle.

The MBAA Annual Conference and Exposition is October 8-10 in Jacksonville, FL. You can find the CO2Meter, Inc. team at booth 512.

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