CO2Meter 4 Gas Monitor and Portable Gas Detectors

4 gas monitor

CO2Meter recently released its state-of-the-art CM-500 GasLab Plus® line of multi gas data loggers which are designed to measure ambient gas levels for applications in Restaurant, Beverage, Indoor Air Quality, Safety, Agriculture, Poultry, and much more. 

With the use of a 4 gas monitor such as the CM-500 GasLab Plus® line of multi-gas detectors, customers are now able to detect from a multitude of gas concentrations across a variety of environments.

What this means for customers, is that instead of carrying a portable gas detector that is limited to detecting a single gas concentration, users can now utilize 4 gas monitoring which provides broader capabilities and versatility while in the field.

Serious injuries from gas exposure continue to be on the rise as individuals in various industries are unaware of the high levels of hazardous gases around them unless properly monitored. To provide some industry perspective, multi-gas monitors can be useful in industries such as indoor air quality environments.

Because indoor air quality environments need to monitor for co, co2, and o2 - the combination found in the CM-505: Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Carbon Monoxide (CO) and Oxygen (O2) Handheld Detector are ideal. Because of features like the large LCD display, audible alarms, data logging capabilities, and multi-gas functionality, the GasLab Plus® line will continue to be a "go-to" gas detection solution for many customers worldwide. 

"Our original designs for the GasLab Plus® line centered around single gas detection. The thought was to provide customers a solution centered on the gas they most needed to measure. We quickly determined that we could design a higher-quality device at a lower price point if we utilized our technical capabilities to create a multi-gas detection unit. We are ecstatic about the true possibilities the GasLab Plus® offers our customers across multiple markets and applications" said Travis Lenander, CEO of CO2Meter. 

Unique to the market the CM-500 GasLab Plus® lineup of portable gas detectors centers on a single platform for device operations. The platform also incorporates data logging, temperature, relative humidity, and barometric pressure measurements. Each unique model offers different combinations of gas detection sensors including carbon dioxide (CO2), carbon monoxide (CO), ammonia (NH3), oxygen (O2), and particulate matter (PM). CTO, Ray Hicks added that “Our team has worked closely with industry partners in multiple markets to understand their unique needs and we mapped them back to our designs to create industry-specific solutions. The process added several months to our development cycle but ultimately allowed us to create devices our customers actually requested”.

After an intense development plan to curate the highly accurate, easy to use, and cost-effective portable multi-gas detectors, CO2Meter now provides seven models simultaneously to allow customers to monitor gas concentrations across a broad spectrum of applications and industries.

  •             CM-501 | CO2, Temp., %RH, and Baro
  •             CM-503 | CO, Temp., %RH, and Baro
  •             CM-504 | CO2, CO, Temp., %RH, Baro., and PM2.5/5/10
  •             CM-505 | CO2, CO, O2, Temp., %RH, Baro., and PM 2.5/5/10
  •             CM-506 | NH3, Temp., %RH., and Baro.
  •             CM-507 | CO2, NH3, Temp., %RH, Baro., and PM 2.5/5/10
  •             CM-510 | CO2, CO, O2, NH3, Temp., %RH, Baro., and PM 2.5/5/10

“Initial feedback from our field-testing partners clearly demonstrated that the time and effort we took to query our customers about their needs and our engineering team’s ability to create devices to meet those needs is a huge success. Our internal culture also allows us the flexibility to design to a customer’s needs and that is what makes us unique in the marketplace. Our ever-expanding customer base validates our efforts and continues to propel us forward to design and manufacture outstanding solutions for customers.” added VP of Business Development, Joshua Pringle.

Ensure yourself, customers and employees are consistently safe and keep false alarms to an extreme minimum with the 4 gas monitor,  CM-500 Series.

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