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Consistency and Safety Critical in Craft Brewing

Posted by Michele Ferioli on

By Michele Ferioli, CO2Meter.com


“I would give all my fame for a pot of ale and safety.” - William Shakespeare (King Henry V)

I recently learned at one of Anton Paar's Thirsty Thursday Webinars that there is a lot that goes into making that golden deliciousness that so many folks enjoy – craft beer!

Thirsty Thursday Webinars are in-depth discussion by Anton Paar's experts about brewing technology. It was interesting to learn that quality control and consistency separates successful craft brewers from those that fail, and the right equipment can make all the difference. Brewers measure alcohol content, dissolved oxygen, yeast health, color, haze and of course CO2 (carbon dioxide). Consistency in each of these variables is vital to achieving optimum results.

While CO2 is critical to brewing as it affects the taste (have you ever had “flat” beer?) as well as the visual appeal (the head), it is also a safety concern in a brewery. Over-carbonated bottles can explode. Exposure to high levels of CO2 during fermentation or while washing out the fermentation tanks can lead to shortness of breath or fainting.

CO2 Meter offers solutions to help keep employees and customers safe. For example, our Remote CO2 Safety Dual Alarm meets many state and municipality requirements for dual level alarms (audible & visual), and for OSHA Short Term Exposure Limit for CO2. This meter is designed to protect people who work near carbon dioxide stored in closets, in confined spaces, or in areas where CO2 is used or produced. For municipalities or environments that require strobe lights, a model is available with two add-on amber strobes.

In addition, the meter has two relays. For example the first relay can be used to turn on a ventilation fan, and the second relay can be used to alert an off-premise alarm monitoring company.

In addition to our wall-mounted CO2 Safety Alarms, we also recommend using our pSense Portable CO2 Meter as a hand-held, personal safety alarm. The pSense is perfect for quick testing the CO2 levels in a potentially hazardous environment like the interior of a vat, or wherever carbon dioxide is produced, stored, generated and used.

Who knew that there was so much behind the scenes when staring lovingly into the foamy head of an ice-cold beer? Most folks just want to know that their favorite brew tastes the same each time.

By using the right equipment like Anton Paar’s Gas CboxQC™ Combined CO2 and Oxygen meter, a Remote CO2 Safety Dual Alarm, and a pSense Portable CO2 Meter, brewers have all the tools they need to make great beer – and to make it safely.

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