Remote CO2 Storage Safety Alarm Relay Controlled Exhaust Fan


Our Remote CO2 Storage Safety Alarms all include built-in relays that can be used to control up to a 3A ventilation fan. However, if you want to control a large exhaust fan, you'll need a bigger relay.

To show our clients how to control a 120VAC, 10 amp exhaust fan with any of our Remote Storage Safety meters, we've created this short video. Using a small relay to control a larger one is a common job for a experienced commercial electrician.

In addition, this video and wiring diagram can be used to connect any of our CO2 meters, transmitters or wall monitors that include a built-in, 120VAC, 3A normally open (NO) relay.

Download the CO2 Safety Alarm Relay Circuit Diagram (pdf).


Posted by CO2 Meter on June 25, 2015.
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